There is always hope for a prophet in his own town as long as there is Faith(in yourself)

I was sitting in church today listening to the Sermon which centered around Mark’s Gospel Section 6. We have all used the phrase almost to the point of ad nausea. You know that phrase, the one that states that a prophet is never recognized in his own country. Well the actual quote of that phrase is “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country, among his own relatives, and in his own house.” Oh my, my a major light bulb went off in my head as I began to really think about this. Well, yes, I had been using that phrase often of late. I have been using this phrase almost as an excuse as to why I have not been achieving as much as I would like. As much, as I should. After listening to the sermon and then re reading the verse and text for emphasis, the clarity became crystal clear.
Well first, I probably should provide some background on my situation. To be clear, I have been allowing myself to focus on others accomplishments elsewhere and allowing quicksand to enter into my arena. John Maxwell has always stated that when you are in over your head that it matters not how deep the water is. I will insert a brief story of a local situation that I had been fighting for the last couple of years. As of the date of this writing, I am a fully certified Teacher, Trainer and Coach of the John Maxwell Team. Add to that an additional certification by Dr. Robert Rohm in Personality Insights that makes me a Human Behavior Specialist. Now with credentials such as these you would think that the organization that I have been helping and working with for the past several years would jump at the opportunity to use my services and work to raise the lids of that organization. Unfortunately, they have not. They began asking and questioning about returns on investment and why do they need Leadership Training? As sorry as that sounds, the answer is not in my abilities but rather the fact that a prophet is not…  Now my thoughts on this topic go much deeper than this and I began to ponder how many of the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership were being impacted and ignored. One thing I have learned about the Laws are that the Laws are the Laws. The answer is…ALL of them!
What I have learned and realized is that I cannot waste time waiting for that organization or any organization to come around and utilize my services. I have realized that I must move forward and seek other opportunities. As a result, opportunities have already begun appearing. They have been appearing because I was not a prophet (known to them) in their organizations. And the most important point that I have learned is the importance of my collaborating and partnering with others who live in other geographic locations. This is paramount as it allows me to help and work with other members of my Team who would be looked upon as prophets in their own towns.
In conclusion and going back to Mark 6, while I may not and have not yet accomplished as many major works locally to date, there are many positive irons in the fire that will have big payoffs. My question to you is to ask how has this principle both affected and effected you in what you do? What have you done to counteract this? What options can you put into effect? Contact me at and let me help you put a plan together.
Peace. BB
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