You can change socially but heredity is a locked in thing for sure.

Thursday May 7, 2015
You can change socially but heredity is a locked in thing for sure.
As part of my recent training through my mentors, I have been studying (again for the 1st time) the classic book by Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”. If you have not ever read this book, I whole heartedly suggest that you get a copy either for your device or the printed version. What goes with that though, is the need to take it as a Mastermind Study group and really get into the meat of the teachings. While the word “Rich” may sound like you will become just that, it is more. So, so much more.
While I was in the book store on my last trip, I came across an add on book by Napoleon Hill called “Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rules”. I must say that so far, it is more than I expected it to be. And that is not a bad thing! So some of my future Blogs, Podcasts and Video Blogs(Vblog) will be about sections of this book. I make this point as I want to give ALL CREDIT to the Author. My only credit is providing you with an in depth look at these writings and my interpretations thereof.
So here is an interesting set of facts to open up with…Your parents made you what you are, physically, but you can make yourself what you WILL, mentally. It seems that you and I are the sum total of just two things: Heredity and Environment. We got our heredity from our parents and our other ancestors but we clearly are a product of our environment also known as our social heredity. And while it is not possible to change your physical heredity, it is very possible to change that of your social heredity. However to note that the ones that you developed at a very early age will be the most difficult to change. The most influential  sources come from your first teachings that you received as a child at home, and also those you received at church and school. And lastly, those that you received by newspapers, magazines and other readings. Sound interesting? Then let’s continue…
Now what I found most interesting, as I was reading through this material, was that one of the most important and fundamental principles of psychology dealing with the human mind, is the tendency for that same mind to want, yes want that which is withheld or prohibited or even hard to get!  It appears that the moment, yes, the very moment that you remove an object out of the reach of a person, that at that moment the person’s mind develops a desire for that object. The moment, yes, the very moment  that a person is forbidden from doing a thing, that person’s mind develops a strong desire for that very thing that has been forbidden. It seems that the human mind resents being forced to do anything. So how do we get a person to do that thing that we need to be done? This is a very great question based on all that I have just pronounced in the previous sentences. The way is to plant that idea in the person’s mind needs to be in such a way that they welcome and readily accept its planting.
This is clearly a mouthful of information to swallow but all Leadership is dependent upon this. I remember John Maxwell clearly saying words to this very effect when he stated that people must want to be led. They cannot be forced. So, the other day as I was on FaceTime with my son and daughter and law, I was able to observe my two year old grandson put this information into use. Now you can be sure that he did not read up on this nor I am sure that his parents purposely went about teaching him this but remember my opening remarks about heredity. So here goes…
It appears that prior to us calling, he was busy watching some sort of cartoon on his mother’s iPhone. So in comes our call which was answered and thus his cartoon watching came to an end. Well he made every effort to try to get the situation returned to cartoon time and attempted to gain control of the phone. When that did not work, he then proceeded to demonstrate his displeasure to the point that his parents had to resort to the famous “if and then” statement and a withdrawal of any other electronic devices that he knew he could get his hands on. Eventually which seemed like an eternity but really only lasted a matter of minutes, he realized that he was not going to get his way. Now, my grandson is not unlike any other child his age but if you take that example and personify it years later, these learned traits if not ended with a positive, can have major and serious impacts on a person’s life events for the negative. Oh wow, it just occurred to me, I am part of his heredity! Scary thought. Was I like that? Am I like that? Good thing that change is always possible!
So in conclusion, I agree that an individual’s environment can having major effects and impacts on the road that that person may travel. Will it be a positive and fruitful life of positive experiences or will it be a negative on that ends up bearing little if any fruit ending in disaster?
What are your thoughts and comments on this? I look forward to hearing from you either on my Facebook page: Bermuda Bob, Your Transformational Leadership Expert or email me at [email protected].   Ask me how you can take part in one of my MasterMind Groups.
Make it a Great Day!
Peace. BB
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