Do you want to be Great, then be a humble Server!

I take great pride in the topics that I write about in my postings. More often than not, after pondering and thinking of what I want to write about and share with you, something happens in my life and what I want to write about ends up on a list for another time as something happens in my life that triggers me to write what I end up writing about. Hmm, talking in circles you might say. Well let’s see…..

Because of my personality, I have found that one of my love languages is hearing words of affirmation. And in many cases, this caused me to do things because I wanted to hear good things which caused me to put myself on a pedestal and yes, even get a swollen head. And oh, how devastating, when after doing something the words of affirmation did not materialize! But wait, to have a servants attitude, which is what I am writing about today does not imply the need for praise. It is more so for self-fulfillment. It is more knowing in my heart that a good deed or service was done to help someone else. The greatest of teachers in my life clearly said that he who humbles himself will be exalted but he who exalts himself WILL BE HUMBLED. I have also seen in life where some people find it humiliating to serve as it is seen as slavery. There is nothing more off course on this. In fact, to be a true leader implies that true service is and be involved. Too many businesses and governments for that matter are failing today because they FAIL to teach their staff and themselves about “service”. The greatest establishments are those who have simply learned to sincerely serve many people. Service and Leadership go hand in hand. Service gives me a warm fuzzy. So in closing, and I look forward to your comments, “How may I serve You today”?! ┬áPeace.