The Jury is still out…Is it Your Journey or Your Destination that You Seek?

Taking a page from an Ancient Chinese Proverb…The Journey of 1000 miles and the journey of 1 both start out with a single step. I further add a quote from Napoleon Hill that states “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.

A few years ago, I was asked to sing at a funeral and was presented with a song that I had never heard of let alone knew how to sing it. After a short period of intense practice, I not only learned the song but soon began to realize that this song was calling to me and it was to become a part of me. The name of that song was “It’s My Journey” by Teresa Jennings.  To sing and to absorb verses such as:

– I’m on my way. Every bend in the road and corner shows me one more day. And it’s my day

– Every path I take. Every mountain and every river leads me on my way. And it’s my day

– Every single day is a part of the road I travel and when and where it goes, you will find me

– It’s my journey and I am on my way. It’s my journey and I will live this day…Everyday!
So what is your destination? Do you realize that your destinations are the dreams that you have turned into goals? Do you realize that unless you turn those dreams into written goals with dates on them that they will remain fantasies? These written down goals are just like the old fashioned Train and Plane tickets that used to be printed off showing the name of the destination and the travel date. Do you not realize that you cause the arrival to your destination to be less likely to happen than if you were to follow the “Yellow Brick Road” by not writing them down and putting a date on it? We must remember that we are always flowing either toward or away from any goal we give ourselves. Each and every day we choose the direction that we will follow. And yet, this is all part of our Journey! Why don’t we call the goals that you have clearly established as the Destinations along your Journey? And to make it more concrete, why don’t we say that each of those goals is a contract that you take out with yourself? So to not reach and achieve any of these goals not only precludes you from reaching your destination(s) but also shows that you have broken the contract with yourself! Wow! I would never want to be known as a contract breaker, especially with myself.
I am going to ask you to do one more thing before I bring this posting to a close. I am going to ask you as you travel your Journey to you Destination to act as if you’ve already accomplished your goals.Quitting is exactly what the majority of people do. Quitting is something that is so easy. Quitting is what will cause you to give up and not finish your Journey and fulfill YOUR Destiny! So if the penny hasn’t dropped by my last line you will see that the word “destination” and “destiny” are related.
So as the song goes….WE’re on our Way and it’s MY Day. It’s My Journey…It’s YOUR Journey! Live it. Go for it. For the sands of time are running my friend.
Thus, I ask you today to determine whether you are on Your Journey or looking to reach Your Destination. Let me hear from you on this. Tell me about your goals and your journey on the way to your destination.
Peace. BB