It’s always important to tell the truth so that you will not have to try to re-remember what you said in the first place.

It’s always important to tell the truth so that you will not have to try to re-remember what you said in the first place.

You may be wondering what this might have to do with Leadership. Well suffice to say that many of us if not all of us have told a “little white one” at some point in our lives. Well you out there in the business world will run into instances where by your telling it the way it is will end up being more beneficial than your having to do other wise. Surely, you will also run into those around you who may not always be on the up and up as they try to fix that which gets worse the more they try to fix it.
That was a mouthful, wasn’t it? When you tell the truth, you simply are telling it like it is from your perspective. Remember that where you are is where you are! The truth you tell today will be the same truth that you tell next week, next month etc. A non-truth is not like that. You would have interjected some non-truth and when you are asked again to recount what you said a week, a month etc. you will be hard pressed to remember exactly what you said and you will probably need to interject another non-truth of some kind. It will get to the point where you end up in over your head. John Maxwell always likes to say “that when you are in over your head, it does not matter how deep the water is”. How true this is!
Just remember that the TV shows are full of Law and Order and other types of stories that put people in front of lawyers and the courts and under cross examination people convict themselves because they could not get the story straight.
So in conclusion, Be the Leader that you are meant to be. Stay out from getting in the water above your head. For if you always tell it like it is, you won’t have to remember what it is that you said because it will always be what it is.
What are your thoughts on this topic? Would love your interjection.
Peace. BB

Leaders should and must look in the mirror from time to time.

Leaders should and must look in the mirror from time to time.
Thursday 24 July 2014

It would seem that we live in unique times. The news abounds on any given day about what our Leaders are doing or fail to be doing. Of course, it is usually the political leaders that we pay the most attention to but Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. They come from many different avenues of our society…business, political, education, military, law enforcement, religious just to name a few.

Regardless of from what venue leaders derive, one thing that must be attended to by all leaders is a “Motive Check”. Leaders Must Do the Right Thing for the Right Reason! Perhaps you were curious as to why I stated in my title that Leaders need to look in the mirror once in awhile. Well the main reason is to check themselves out. Yes, that is correct. Leaders can so easily get caught up in doing things for image sake. In case we forget, leaders are being watched by so many people and when you least expect it.
One of the lessons that I teach from John Maxwell’s Book “Everyone Communicates. Few Connect” is to ask leaders when does “first impression” mode cease. After some thought and discussion, the answer clearly comes forth that first impression mode never ends. I can remember being taught that you have 8-10 seconds to make a first impression and that may be true with those that you are speaking with up close but clearly we always have to remember that as Leaders we are being observed by people we don’t even know are observing us.
Sometimes as Leaders, we forget and get caught up in facades and hypocrisy. You remember the scripture (loosely translated) that those who fast should not show that they are fasting and that those who have title should not walk around flaunting it. We are compelled as Leaders to ensure that we do good, give to charity, prioritize what we do and ensure that our values are in order. Of course, as this is a Leadership and the Bible posting, we should also realize that prayer is of immense importance. For those who may not have prayed in a while, it couldn’t hurt to try it again for the first time.
But the most important part of this posting is to remind Leaders of the need to establish, define and action the Core Values.
1. Do the right thing for the right reasons
2. Relationships will make or break you (Sounds like an Inner Circle statement)
3. Don’t sweat the small stuff (and it’s all small stuff)
4. Judge yourself before you judge others
5. If you need something…ask. If you have something…Give
6. Stay true to YOUR Convictions. Stay the path
7. **When you tell the TRUTH you will never have to remember what you said**
In closing, how many of the Leadership Laws can you deduce from this above list? If you are a leader or looking to become a leader, there is no time like NOW to do what you need to do to become that leader. Remember the law that people first buy into the leader and then they buy into the vision.
What are your thoughts? Send me your comments. Peace. BB

I Have Not Yet Begun to Lead (A Special July 4th posting)

I Have Not Yet Begun To Lead!

This story is posted today…in our Now! My story on September 23rd 1779, 238 years ago.
We have all had situations where things were not going well. I am sure that you can relate to a job situation where because of leadership or the lack thereof your boss has caused you to lose your sense of morale, support and desire to be there. I am sure that you have seen or been amongst individuals at the job who just don’t care anymore because…well quite frankly…what’s the point? What’s the use? Why bother? One of the first things that you and your peers begin to do is to talk down the situation and feed on the negativity of the situation to the point where all you live for is that negativity. In fact, rather than work to defend your organization or situation and seek to improve it, the reverse is true. It may even get to the point that you seek to be elsewhere or find a new job. Have you ever looked at the reason why you may be seeking job after job after job? Is your boat leaking or taking on water so badly that all that is left for you to do is abandon ship or face going down with her?
In September of 1779, a young  Naval Captain was in command of a ship borrowed from the French and refitted to be a warship to help out the fledging infant Continental Navy (not yet the United States). The ship was renamed the Bonhomme Richard (literally translated Poor Richard after the almanac by Ben Franklin). Her state of affairs was so deplorable that her crew took no pride in her and would really have wanted to be somewhere else. She leaked and creaked, her crew at times wondering how she stayed afloat. She had only half the fire power of the British ships she might encounter. Her speed left a lot to be desired. BUT…she was home to the crew.
On that fateful day of 23 September Jones encountered the British warship “Serapis”. The Serapis was far faster and outgunned the Bonhomme Richard but into the battle, into the fray she went. For over 4 hours the battle ensued at the cost of nearly half of Jones’ crew. The Richard was badly damaged, on fire and taking on water. Realizing the situation Captain Jones ordered the crew to move along side the British Serapis and grapple the 2 ships together. If he was going to sink, by God, he would take the British ship with him. Hand to hand fighting took place. At one point the American Flag had fallen due to a broken mast causing the British captain to call out asking if the Americans surrendered. Jones seizing the moment was heard to yell…Surrender? Surrender? Sir!  “I HAVE NOT YET BEGUN TO FIGHT”! The American crew rallied, rehoisted the flag and went on to win the day even though the Bonhomme Richard would eventually sink mortally wounded. I can guarantee you that not a man still living on that crew thought about the misgivings of their ship prior to the battle and that not a man was not remorseful to see THEIR ship, THEIR home sink.
I ask you in closing. Are you prepared to show Leadership and work for and take pride in what you are busy complaining about at work or home? Are you prepared to defend your ship or just willing to man the boats and go elsewhere? Remember that Transformation begins in each one of us. As with Jones’ rallying cry of “I have not yet begun to fight” I challenge you to rally around your new Battle Cry….”I HAVE NOT YET BEGUN TO LEAD”!