Don’t just have an Obsession…Make it a Magnificent Obsession! There has never been a better time.

Monday 5 August 2013

     This is something that I am writing for me but I am sharing with you. I am sharing this with you, personally, because deep down within you lies a seed or thought that is seeking to be set free. This seed or thought for some of you has been bothering you because you are so close to the fulfillment of the happiness that it will produce within you. How can I be so bold, you may be saying to yourself? Well I can be so bold because when you are done reading this, some of you are going to change. You will know that it is time to set this idea and concept free and it will indeed free you to pursue that which you are intended to pursue.
     I remember for years my mother always speaking about a movie, more from her days than mine. That movie, which starred Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman was known as “Magnificent Obsession”. It was not until the other night when my mentor, Les Brown, mentioned those two words my heart jumped and that suddenly I knew not only what I needed to write about and share with you but more so the key to unlocking and defining what will be MY DESTINY for my remaining days. This movie based on the writings of Lloyd C. Douglas was a love story but more than a love story. It was inspirational but more than just inspirational. It was fulfillment of a dream(s) but more than just fulfillment of those dreams. So let me seek to explain.
     The principal of this is so very obvious that sometimes we overlook the obvious and because something else is in front of us, we may not see it at all. As my mentors John Maxwell and Paul Martinelli have said, it is difficult to see the picture when you are part of the frame.  Having an Obsession is one thing but to have a Magnificent Obsession takes it to the nth degree. All of a sudden the sands of the hour glass running out become so important because there is work to be done. This obsession becomes as limitless as the number of stars in the sky. Having a Magnificent Obsession is the ability to reach out and help others. It is the ability to reach out and share yourself without expecting a reward, payment or commendation. But there is one more aspect to all of this. Having a Magnificent Obsession also means that all that you do for the good of others does not need to be broadcast to the world. It is enough to know in your heart that the sharing of yourself, your goods and your services was enough of a reward that your Father in Heaven knows about. And after all, isn’t that where it really matters?
     This is why it is sometimes hard for someone to have a Magnificent Obsession because we as humans tend to seek that exaltation, praise and glory. It matters not, if you are a sinner or not. Anyone who chooses can have a Magnificent Obsession. There are many of you out there who are ready to have a Magnificent Obsession. There are many of you who like me have a servants heart. There are many of you who long for recognition based upon this servant’s attitude BUT now I FULLY realize that I no longer need to anguish over a lack of praise. This is not just about money. This is about sharing a part of what you have. An ability to be part of a great cause. Your most precious assets and your greatest of powers that you can and will share are often invisible and intangible. No one can take them from YOU and YOU alone must and will have to share them. And oh, by the way, the more you share, the more you will have.
     After reading this, you will know if this Magnificent Obsession is ready for you and you ready for it. You will know if you are ready to give warmth from your heart. Cheer, encouragement, hope, honor, credit and applause, good thoughts, love for your fellowman, happiness AND Most importantly…Your Time. Remember that time is the most valuable asset in your life.
     So, I close from the sharing from the deepest recesses of my heart to encourage you to go out and find your Magnificent Obsession. I am today avowing that I am ready for mine. Those of you that know me know that many times I have been practicing without knowing it. Today, I kick off the training wheels.
     How about you? Isn’t this just Magnificent!  Magnificent Obsession – The Belief (excerpt from the movie)