What are the Sands of Your Hourglass doing today?

First off, let me give thanks to my mentor Paul Martinelli for giving me an hourglass and teaching and showing me about the hourglass of My Life! While today’s entry is from my heart and mind, I give credit to Paul for his original teaching on this subject. Today’s Post is also dedicated to my best friend who has shown me both through actions and words the value of not wasting the “Sands of Time”.

If you are not aware of what an hourglass is, it is that awesome timepiece that bulges on both ends and is very focused to a narrow path at it’s center. It is a used for keeping track of time. The sands of time that pass through to mark and denote a passage, a journey, an experience etc.

I am feeling very nostalgic today as I ponder that this year is fast coming to an end and how I have allowed the sands of time to flow through my hourglass that is me. It will soon be time on the 31st of the 12th month in this the 12 year of the New Millennium to put into action the goals and plans on the road to the fulfillment of my dreams (your dreams). You see there are Hourglasses of time everywhere. One has to remember that if you believe in a Creator. A Grand Overall Designer. My God. That He too has an Hourglass of time running that denotes and depicts my / your personal life profile.

There are times when the sand may get a little caked up or damp and not flow smoothly through the “choke point” of that hourglass. So you may have to shake it a bit to get it flowing again. You cannot stop the flow. It must flow. To stop the flow is to stop your life!

Time is something that will happen with or without you. Life will go on either with or without you. Are you taking responsibility for your Life? Are you ensuring that you are not wasting the passage of the Sands of Time in Your Life? Are you just full of excuses? Love the precious people that have been, are and will come into Your Life. You know who they are. Remember that the most beautiful thing that you can do with an Hourglass is to be able to “Turn It Over” and start a fresh! I challenge you today to get your sand flowing and to move forward with the Lives that we have ALL been Blessed With!

Peace. BB Your Leadership Expert