Only in Silence, God Speaks…coincidences don’t happen by coincidence!

We are in today’s society surrounded on any given day and at any given time by hundreds, even thousands of noises, activities, telecommunication signals and so, so much more. Further, as if that wasn’t enough, we have so many things happening at both our conscious and sub-conscious levels. But even with all of that, we as humans, have an ability to tune all of that out and focus on silence and allow our inner self to hear a message that to us can be referred to as a coincidence.

I love two stories that one of my mentors at the John Maxwell Team, Roddy Galbraith, tells during his speaker’s class. The first one is about a man who goes to sit in the quiet solitude of a church so as to meditate on how he could be a better person. All throughout his meditation, he is disturbed by a man who walks in and begins to seek the help of him. The second story tells about another person who is driving through a crowded and busy town (any town) and is asking his higher power to help him find a parking space. Well he suddenly comes upon a parking space and then says to his higher power “never mind”. I found one.

Then just last week, while I was visiting my family in the USA, I went into a Barnes and Noble Bookstore when I happened to pass by a book entitled “When God Winks at You” by Squire Rushnell. Of course, I walked past it and then shortly a few moments later was drawn back to it and yes, I bought it. I had no intentions of buying this book. I was not looking for this book but perhaps the book was looking for me. And then the next day I was sitting in church, listening to the homily that the priest was giving when he uttered the words “Only in Silence, God Speaks”. 

So why am I mentioning all of this? Because, clearly, coincidences don’t happen by coincidence. Author Squire Rushnell in his book refers to this as a “Godwink”. My business partner states that these are what she refers to as “Godincidences”. My mentor Paul Martinelli refers to this as a “Boop Moment”. That time when you are doing something and suddenly and without warning a thought, a concept, an Idea pops into your mind in the form a “boop”. I am sure you know what that sound sounds like because you too have heard it. But because our Creator has given us free will, we begin to question the thought. We begin to question the communication. We begin to question the reality as to its validity. How often have we gone through our routines of our everyday challenges “asking for a sign” from that higher source expecting some sort of “alakazaam” moment? But the truth, the reality of it is just that…He speaks to us in silence. We have to be ready to receive the message. We have to be open to receive the message. We must be in the right environment to receive the message. And then, comes the most important aspect…we have to realize that we need to act on the message! What I have come to realize from the messages that I personally have received is that there appears to be a date and time stamp on it. Now what do I mean by that? I mean that the message received will not last forever. And when we choose to act on those messages, won’t you agree with me, that many good things come to pass in your life? Won’t you agree with me that the solutions you need come across your path? Won’t you agree with me that there are times that the solution message may not have been the way you thought it would be but it worked? Back in early 2011, I was at a cross-roads in my life. Not quite 57 years of age, I was fast approaching that magic number 60. And then it started. I began to receive emails about a new concept and team that was being put together, the “John Maxwell Team”. And that they wanted “ME” to be a part of it. Me? Where did “they” find out about me? Why were they contacting me? I knew of and had indirectly met John Maxwell because he had spoken at a few of the Amway Functions I had attended in the mid 1990’a and naturally I had a few of his books growing dust on my bookshelf (just me?).  Well not thinking anything of it, I hit delete. This went on several times, each time hitting delete, when finally over a couple of days, the 5th one arrived in my in box, I had to pause and look up and say to Him…”Okay, okay, I got it. I get the message”! So I opened the email and reviewed the presentation and not even half way through it, I ran upstairs to where Margaret was and blurted out “I’ve got to do this”!  Well the rest is history. Five years later now, I am a very active member of the John Maxwell Team out speaking, coaching and helping others which includes to date, a trip to Guatemala where I rediscovered “my why”. That age number 60 I was so concerned about is in my rear view mirror and not even a thought as I continue on my journey of destinations knowing that He will continue to speak to me in the silence.
So here is what I would like to leave you with…take the time to realize and recognize that even with all of our modern technology that the answers you seek will come to you in ways that you least expect and during those quiet moments you experience. It means that you should schedule time in your busy calendars to have that quiet time. Try it out. You may find that it will grow on you. You may find that more positive things will happen to you the more that you realize that He will speak to you in non verbal ways. That HIS communication with you will always be a direct personal message through any number of mediums. That no matter how uncertain our lives may seem (in that moment) that He will always help to move us towards certainty. I ask you today to take note that there is indeed a mighty force out there, bigger than all of us, watching over us, directing our lives. And that what we perceive to be ordinary is very extraordinary in the form of a Godincidence or Godwink. And that is no coincidence. 

Let me know. I look forward to hearing how your coincidences are going.
Peace. BB

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