Not Me…What about You?

As I sit here writing this post to you today, I am reminded of my Mentor’s wise words about sheep mentality. Clearly his summation of “herd’ mentality was so simple and yet so unique. He spoke with authority and then paused and added a simple phrase at the end of each of those sentences…”baah…baah”.  So where, you may ask, am I going with this? In conversations and writings with others, I have been emphasizing taking the “road less traveled by” and living each day because “the future started yesterday and we’re already late”.

    Each day, I continue to grow. It may be said that some are not happy with my growth, because I choose to think in a different direction. I choose to greet each new day as just that. A Happy New Day. I choose to be part of the picture and not that of the frame. You cannot see the picture when you are part of the frame. I imagine how Michelangelo stands before me as a piece of raw marble and knows that God will guide his hammer and chisel to carve out a masterpiece of me. So let’s see…
     Others may choose to live small lives…but not me! How about you?     Baah, Baah.
Others may choose to argue over small things…but not me! How about you? Baah, Baah.
I choose not to leave my future in the hands of others. How about you? Baah, Baah
I choose to strive each and every day to have the backs of those that I hold dear to me. How about you? Baah, Baah.
     There are so many things and people out there who cannot help but try to pull you down. All too often your friends will help not want you to be successful because they live in fear of you leaving them behind. I clearly think of the story of the crab in an uncovered bucket. He will get out. But you put more than one crab in that same bucket and just as it is about to get out the others pull him back in. Baah, Baah. Most of what is out there is what can be classified as “small stuff” and we need to learn how not to sweat the small stuff. When the Big Stuff occurs, that is the time to focus, but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the small stuff. You know, I was taught that it is all small stuff. I further, do not want others telling me what to do! There is a leadership law out there that says “People do what people see”. All too often, the other people trying to influence you are doing it wrong and it may not be their fault that they are doing it wrong as that is how they saw it. You must learn and know the difference. You must avoid the bash, baah of life.
     I am Special. You are Special. I must rise above the small things. You must rise above the small things. I must not let the small things wear me out. You must not let the small things wear you out. I must avoid the herd / flock mentality. You must avoid the herd / flock mentality.
     This upcoming week, why not join me in focusing on rising above the small things. Why not join me in getting away from Baah, Baah. If others want to cry over spilt milk, let them. If others want to leave there futures in the hands of others…LET THEM! Join me in saying and doing what is required to rise above all this and be and live the path that you were destined to.
I am and I will…What about You?
Your comments and thoughts are always welcome. Peace. BB

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