To Dream the POSSIBLE Dream!

Friday 31 August 2012

We have all heard the famous song from Man of La Mancha…The Impossible Dream. This is the story where the famous Don Quixote was always dreaming that he was on a majestic horse charging dragons and other knights back in the middle ages. The reality was that he was on a donkey and was charging windmills. But he never gave up on his dreams and his quests to follow that star no matter how hopeless, no matter how far. To fight for the right without question or pause….I don’t know about you but I am hearing it being sung and it is reminding me that we too once dreamed only to have our dreams quashed by the reality of life. This has always proven to be a quagmire and a quandary in my life. As a child, we were given toys by which to use our imagination. We were asked to dream and state what we wanted to be. And then suddenly, we were told to get serious as that was what life was ¬†all about.

Well, I have learned in the autumn of my years (and at 58, I still have lots of road to cover) that not dreaming and stealing dreams away from others (you know we become a product of our environment and we tell others to get serious and stop dreaming), that I am grateful for the dreams of others. I type on this computer because someone had a dream. I speak on my phone because someone had a dream. Racial Harmony is today better because someone had a dream. I guess what I am trying to say to ALL of US today is to start dreaming again. I remember the classic quote…..”First the Dream!”

What will you do today to dream on? What will you do today to fulfill the dash between your dates? Who will you encourage to do the same?

Love to hear your comments and thoughts. Peace. BB