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Friday 23 August 2013

Diligence – Remember that the only place Success comes before Work is in the Dictionary.

Today’s minute with Maxwell deals with this word and concept. I ask that you also take a few moments to read the accompanying article on Lou Gehrig. My input on this is clear…if you wish to be successful it is not a case of sitting in the cabbage patch. It is a case of doing the work to achieve the goal. But I need to point out, that it is not just a case of coasting once the goal is achieved. It is a case of continuing to work at it. To practice, to learn and to do whatever it takes to stay on track and not fall behind.
In the case of Lou and his Yankee Baseball career, he was able to combine skills with practice and more practice and most importantly a whole lot of passion and love for what he did. While records are made to be broken it is important to shoot for those records. It is a shame that His life was cut short but his fulfillment based on diligence was overflowing.
What are your thoughts on this? Are you being diligent today?
Peace. BB


Wednesday 3 July 2013

Humor – Did you know that it can affect your Health?

Interestingly enough, this word traces its roots back to the Middle Ages and from the Latin no less. But I won’t go into all that detail about personality traits etc.

Suffice to say that humor has the ability to influence circumstances and can cause a change in one’s state of mind. In fact, a lack of humor can cause a negative state of mind and actually lead to illness. Humor when used in the right way helps to cause people to release hormones that are so impactful on the rest of the body. One should and does need to be careful that humor is not used to mock someone else as it can and will affect the other person’s health.

I guess the best thing to do is to find something humorous in yourself and have a good laugh at yourself.

Do yourself a favor today….and have a good belly laugh…You’ll be glad you did and quite frankly so will the people that are around you.

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Humor

Friday 28 June 2013

First Class – There are times when you need to go Coach but Why not go First Class if you are able to?

Most of us have experienced flying on a plane or taking a cruise and watched as people “up front” were getting that extra care and courtesy. But First Class goes even beyond this and is in fact something that each of us can show to someone else.

If we read scripture it clearly says that he who exalts himself will be humbled but he who humbles himself will be exalted. Well today. Tomorrow. Even the next day, you have an opportunity to do something special for someone. To go that extra step to make it easier for someone else when they have it rough going.

Remember that with Transformational Leadership, it begins from within YOU First!

Peace. BB

Thursday 27 June 2013

Compassion – are you living and showing it today?

Today’s Minute with Maxwell brings about a very powerful message concerning compassion.

Clearly you cannot describe any better the ability to show sympathy, Kindness, caring and a willingness to help others especially at times when they may need all the help they can get.

Compassion should be part of your daily routine. Yes, it should.

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Compassion

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Inspirational Leadership – As a Leader you need it. You are dealers in HOPE (Helping Other People Excel)

There are many attributes to being a leader. And we must remember that everything rises and falls on Leadership. But the best leaders with the best attributes and the best of plans will always fall short if they don’t find a way or ways to inspire those that they are leading. In fact, a lack of inspiration will eventually cause those that are following to fall away and then you are left with a leader who has no one to lead.

Be an inspiration and show your people how to inspire others!

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment or 2.

Minute with Maxwell…Inspirational Leadership


Tuesday 25 June 2013

Prudence     Have you ensured that there are some guard rails installed on the road of your Journey?

Along your journey you will need to add to the measuring cup and portion for use:

Good Judgement

Common Sense (not so common these days)Caution




Use your wisdom, be circumspect. In other words…”take care of the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves” and “Waste not Want Not”.

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Prudence


You may have noticed that my entries have been missing for a couple of weeks. Well I have just returned from Guatemala where along with 150 other John Maxwell Leadership Facilitators, have been interacting with the people to bring Transformation. Please come back and check out the other tabs of my blog site for upcoming articles on this. BB

Friday 21 June 2013


There are going to be days when there are days and then there are going to be days when all seems to go smooth and easy. Life is a journey. There will be those days that you wonder why and then there will be those days that you say “WHY NOT”.

The main point of Leadership is to always work to add value to people. Endurance is a word that shows that you are not a quitter. That your passion and desire keeps you going because you have an attitude that shows that you will do what ever it takes to get there.

What will you do today? Will you stay in the race or will you just be a spectator? The choice is yours. The dream is yours. The Victory that you will achieve by not quitting is…yes, YOURS!

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Endurance


Wednesday / Thursday 5-6 June 2013

Solitude – Life is not always Go and Grow…there needs to be a Pause that refreshes.

I am posting yesterday’s word today. Why? Because I got lost in my solitude yesterday. It was a day for me to get my inner compass re-aligned. A day for me to have some quiet and deal with my spirit. Life is so fast paced that we need to allow the “pause that refreshes”  work its wonders. There is a reason why we “get ready, aim and then fire”.

What are You doing today to allow this to help you? Pausing so that you can grow and go is the order of the day.

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Solitude

Monday 3 June 2013

Voice     You have a voice…how are you using it?

Each and everyone of us has a voice. Your voice is unique. You may have a good speaking voice. You may have a good singing voice. Or you may even consider that neither is applicable. But one thing is for certain, the voice you have been given has been given to you for a reason. We are recognized by our voice.
Just know that it is not about the quality of the voice or the quality of the sound. It is the fact that each and every one of us has power in our voice and when you put the power of that voice together with others things happen. It can be what is needed to bring about change. How many times in history has change come about because people put their voices together and wonderful changes occurred? And yet, how many times in history have people NOT put their voices together and terrible things occurred?
I think you get the point. All over this world, we have a choice. To use our voices for the power that they carry for the common good of mankind or to just sit back and be quiet.
What are your thoughts on this? Where can you apply your voice for good today?
Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Voice


Thursday 30 May 2013

Transformational Leadership – The concept of it is not new but the reality and implementation is.

 Many out there in the world have been thrust into what is perceived as Leadership roles when in reality they are management roles. True leadership is something that goes above that of just managing. And please do not be confused with the assumption that because there are managers that those managers are leaders.
Transformational Leadership is something that comes from within you. You are not a leader by career but more so by calling. You know your “why” and by that very nature are prepared to go out and help others to change. To some, this form of leadership may not be yet for you but to some of you who are reading this, there is a burning inside of you. You will know if it is you and you will know what to do. In fact, if it is you….drop me a line and let’s discuss how to help you with this.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Peace. BB

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Generations – Did you do what it takes and have you made sure the baton can be passed?

The discussion of today’s Word (Generations) goes hand in hand with Leadership Law #21, the Law of Legacy. This Law clearly states that a leader’s lasting value is measured by succession.

This Law clearly states and directs you to develop your Leadership Legacy by:

1. Knowing the Legacy you want to leave.

2. Living the Legacy you want to leave.

3. Choosing who will carry on YOUR Legacy

It is our job and our obligation to make sure that what we do in life is not wasted. To ensure that we create an environment that can nurture and mature an individual or individuals to carry on after you are gone. And whether we like it or not, we will all be gone one day. I don’t know the day nor do you so we need to prepare. I also note that it is so important for each and everyone of us to know what it is that we want to be remembered for.

Remember the two most important dates in your life are: 1. the day you were born and 2. the day you realized why.

What are you thoughts? Share with us regarding the legacy you would like to leave behind.

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Generations

Friday 24 May 2013


Just like the famous camera company commercial, you to can have a “resurrection moment”.
For many in the world the word resurrection carries deep meaning and very deep significance. It is about being raised from the dead to live again. It is Memorial Day Weekend for many and I pay the greatest and deepest respect for those that have gone before me. I truly know and believe that they will be resurrected when the time comes but their memories live on. But for the rest of us right now and right here we have many opportunities to “raise from the dead” things that may not have been going well for us or projects that were failing.
On a more personal level, when all the pieces seem to have been broken and/or scattered about, we have the ability to “pick up the pieces” and put new life, new energies and new ambitions into them and resurrect it on to the road of success.
The choice today is quite simple…do you choose to raise up and resurrect something(s) that has not been going well for you or do you just choose to let it die and with it a piece of you? I don’t wish to be hard here as I too am looking into the “Looking Glass” along with Alice.
Peace. BB          Hey Like if you agree or share your thoughts on this.

Thursday 23 May 2013


How do you measure wealth? Is it based on physical commodities or the blessings of life?

I have run into some people who feel that life is too materialistic. My response back is that you do need money of sorts so as to buy that material or else you could end up in jail for wearing the Emperor’s New Clothes. Here is how I look at wealth…

Money is not evil. It is about harvesting the Blessings. It is a requirement to have it and we are obligated to go out and make as much of it as we can if we truly understand what is written in the good book. I can clearly think of a passage that states to whom much is given, much is expected in return. I am not sure about you but there are a good many needs on this planet that require you and I to give to. Further, wealth is measured by me by the love of my family and those closest to me. In order to give and provide them with the basics in life requires me to go out and ensure that I have done my job and have taught them to carry that forward. That I have taught my family the same principles of giving back.

What are your thoughts and feelings on this topic today? I would love to hear back from you.

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Wealth

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Future Your Future is only Seconds Away!

Many times while I am preparing to write on the daily words that songs from my past pop into my mind. Little did I realize that they would be useful in my future which is now my present. The Moody Blues album “Days of Future Past” came to mind today. That is what is so fantastic about your future in that you don’t need to wait long for it to arrive. And when dealing with the future as the “Change Agents” that you are, you are dealing in HOPE…Helping Other People Excel (or to make it rhyme, Echieve)

I ask and challenge you today, not to let your future get past you. Determine your goals and shoot for them. And while you are at it, go out and help some others achieve theirs through hope. After all that is what true Leadership is all about.

Peace. BB

Tuesday 21 May 2013


Your imagination makes the future a possible reality.

Over the years, I have been taught that scripture says without vision the people perish. What has become clear to me is that my sub-concious does NOT know the difference between fake and reality. My sub-conscious is going to do its utmost to ensure that what ever I think of, what ever I ask of myself be brought to reality. It can do no other. It never rests and it never sleeps and is independent of any nay sayers who try to hold me back from my dreams.

The World awaits you and is literally at your finger tips but as I have also learned and realized….
First the Dream!
Peace. BB

Monday 20 May 2013


Are You a Redemption Center (are you adding Value)?

In the true sense of the definition, a Redemption Center is where goods or services are exchanged for values that have already been applied. The definition of “Redemption” implies that a price has been paid. What I ask of you today is to whether you have put in the time and put in the effort to seek new knowledge and improve your skills and work your goals?

There are many people that will and do look up to you for guidance and assistance. It is so important that you have and are doing what it takes so that you can be that “Redemption Center” for others. We get so much more out of life when we help others. We get so much more when we add value to and receive value from others. What value have YOU added to someone today?!

What are you thoughts on this?

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Redemption

Friday 17 May 2013


Are you seeing the Big Picture?

Have you seen what you need to see? Have you gone where you need to go? I always use the example of holding my two hands up in front of my face one right behind the other. I then remind myself that in order for me to see what is not right in front of my face that I need to move one of the hands so that I can see the bigger picture.

That is what you need to do today. Take a step back and look beyond what is right in front of you. There truly is a lot more to see and you will enjoy the view too.

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Scope

Wednesday 15 May 2013


Today’s word of the Day is a challenge word. It is a challenge word to me as it is to you. No matter what the circumstances in your day and / or in your life remember to keep your head up. Remember to carry yourself with style, class and dignity.

Remember to keep your Poise!

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Poise

Tuesday 14 May 2013


We all have it. We all get it be it Good, bad or indifferent. Now what do we do with it?

So here we are 24 hours later, same time and maybe in the same space. We all experienced what we experienced. Have we learned from what took place? Have we grown any?

Experience is not the best teacher because if we have not taken the time to evaluate what we experienced and determined what we learned as a result then all we have had was an experience. Good be that we experience the same thing over and over. That is my point today….evaluate and then move forward. Don’t stand still and certainly don’t go backwards!

What experience did you have yesterday that you grew from today?

Peace. BB

Monday 13 May 2013

New Thinking

It takes guts to leave the ruts.

Today is a great day to do and try something new. To use new thoughts and ideas. To go out and seek new experiences and even some new friends. The potential to come up with great ideas is limitless. How exciting it becomes to determine that you can find new and better ways to do something. To get rid of stale and tired. I have to tell you that that age old saying of “we have always done it this way” really does not cut it anymore.

So here we are in a new day with a new set of 24 hours and an opportunity for some new thinking! What do you think?

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…New Thinking

Friday 10 May 2013
Remember to stay and be humble.

When I first saw this word today, I thought, oh my gosh what am I going to write about. We are living in an era where everything around us is about idols. We all go through phases as we pass through our journey in life. There are times that we have felt that we are the best and need to be the best and want to be the best. And oh by the way I am the best! Well as I have traveled down my roads on my journey I have come to realize that putting oneself up upon a pedestal may be glorious for a while but one thing is guaranteed…and that is that we will all fall at some point from that pedestal.

We are all endowed with gifts of some sort that when combined with the talents and treasures of others really makes the whole package fantastic. We are not and should never look at ourselves as being demi-gods. We are human beings no more, no less. The greatest person I have come to know clearly stated “Blessed are the exalted for they shall be humbled but blessed are the humble for they shall be exalted”. I don’t know about you but if humble is where it is at then I choose to work at my humility and less on my idolatry.

Use the gifts you have been given today and don’t worry so much about how great you look compared to others.

Peace. BB

Thursday 9 May 2013


A simple four letter word that carries a lot of weight.

When I hear the word duty or see it written down the first thing that pop into my head is the famous speech given by General Douglas MacArthur at West Point “Duty, Honor, Country” immediately followed by the opening words to the Boy Scout Oath “On my honor, I will do my best, to do “My Duty”….

The word duty carries a heavy obligation to me. It is not just some word to be taken lightly. It is a word that tasks and binds us to obligations. But one should not confuse the word with wrong doings that you know are not right, that are not moral in nature. To use the expression “but I was only doing my duty” cannot and will not ever be acceptable in these instances.

Let me close with another quote that I hope will tie this together for you because for me not to do my duty is just not acceptable. “England expects that every man will do his duty” Horatio Nelson. What are you thoughts on the word duty and how does it affect your daily routine?

Peace. BB

Wednesday 8 May 2013


I wish you frustration.
Seems like a not so nice statement doesn’t it? Well several years ago, one of my mentors came out with that statement not just to me but to a whole group of us. The reason being that if everything went along each day in a total state of perfection then when something eventually came along to tip the “apple cart”, would we be able and ready to handle said situation? I have remembered that statement each and every day and there are times that I will say it to others that I interact with.

The one thing that I can guarantee in life is that there will be moments where stuff happens. The goal is not to allow that stuff to mess up an entire day. Not to cause an entire project to come to a stand still etc. We grow from each bout with frustration. We are best able to handle what could come along in the future.

So just for today, I wish you frustration. Well just a little anyway.

Peace. BB
Minute with Maxwell…Frustration

Tuesday 7 May 2013


Out with the Old and in with the Bold(ness)

It takes guts to leave the ruts. Being bold does not imply being brash. Being bold implies doing something that may or may not be thought of as the usual way to go. The usual way of doing things. In fact, it can be some done unexpectedly. I always think of the opening line of the Monty Python Show from years ago when they would say “and now for something completely different”. Well that is what being bold is all about. Of course, boldness can be either positive or negative but we are a Leadership page and one would hope that you would stick to the positive.

Today I ask you to go out there and do something bold. Sort of like jump starting your car because your battery is low or dead. Go out there and use that boldness to cause your tasks and goals to come alive. Just watch the effect your boldness has on those around you and watch them come alive. You can do it!

Peace. BB
Minute with Maxwell…Boldness

Monday 6 May 2013


All of Life has Order so why do we often cause disorder?

Suffice to say and we should be grateful that much in life and in our universe is structured and has order. We all too often do not work from order. We allow ourselves to be distracted by outside influences. This can be in the form of events at our job, our home and children or just generally things that occur in our immediate surroundings of the moment.
In my last video blog, I describe urgent vs important and the need for us to determine which is which. All too often we allow others to label these for us and that is why we end up in chaos. There is much to be said for taking a window of time each day and each week to properly determine the path and order of our lives. There are certainly enough apps out there for this or even those who use a Franklin Planner or the Pareto Principle.
In closing today, I challenge you to write your list down (these include all tasks from all avenues in your life) and determine their ORDER of importance. Plan your work and then work your plan. Stop allowing others to steal your time and be orderly about it. Then at the end of today, see if you can put a smiley face on your page of tasks because you are on the road to order.
Peace. BB

Friday 3 May 2013


Are you asking the right questions and with whom?

There are so many things buzzing around and at you these days. We live in an environment where we have so many aspects of social media, radio and TV that we are almost like a radio or TV ourselves. Frequencies bombarding through us and to us. But is everything that is around us relevant and important to the tasks or goals at hand?

I ask and challenge you today to sift through and focus on the important steps and tasks that will help you to determine what is urgent and what is important and the smarts to know the difference. Nothing is relevant to everything. Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Relevance

Thursday 2 May 2013


To serve or be served…that is the question. And the question is…How may I serve YOU today?

It seems to be a continuing saga when it comes to the concept of Servant Leadership vs servitude. There is a vast difference between the two. I won’t dwell on the slavery aspects of what servitude can imply or be. I will focus on Servant Leadership. While I am one who celebrates the life of my Lord and Savior I have done enough studying to know that all the other major religions also focus on Servant Leadership. We have had some great examples in just the last century alone to extol this. Ghandi and Mother Teresa are just two that come to mind.

I can write and write and write on topic but I won’t do that today. I will however focus on the fact that if you go out of your way to deny those that wish to participate in Servant Leadership you are actually denying that individual the opportunity to be complete. There is a joy that comes into play while Servant Leadership is invoked. It is hard to explain. So today, I suggest that you not block someone who is trying to provide that to you or that you may want to try some yourself. It is quite the experience. As the famous TV commercial for Cereal said “Try it, you’ll like it”

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Servant

Wednesday 1 May 2013


Oh how important it is to have a good set of blue prints in life.

I don’t know about you but I get more satisfaction knowing that I am building up of something or someone rather than just tearing it or them down. Leaders do indeed have a bias, they have a Leadership Bias. By that I mean that they have and feel a call to action. Don’t get me wrong in that it is often necessary to replace the old with that which is new. But if you properly build up something and especially follow a good set of plans that of which you have built can and will last for a long time.

I challenge you today to go out with a Leadership Bias and do some quality building. When was the last time you read a leadership book? Don’t wait for the promotion to come along before you start preparing. When was the last time you used the TV to watch a Leadership clip? There are certainly plenty to choose from. Take a few moments to put a building plan of what you are doing and want to accomplish together and then each day monitor your progress. If you need a coach……  Then at some point you can step back, smile and say “This is good”

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Building

Tuesday 30 April 2013


As the famous saying goes…”First the Dream”

Big, huge, fantastic, Yes! These are all words that help describe what your events and results can and will be if you put your mind to your actions. Remember that the secret to your success is based on your daily routine or agenda. Sad to say that most men die by the time they are in their 20’s and then wait another 40 or so years for their bodies to catch up.

You have a golden opportunity in the fact that you have been given “today” on the journey of your life. The Hour Glass has been turned over once again. I remember singing a song for someone once called “It’s my Journey”. I have made a point to go back and re-read the words of this song to remind me not to take anything for granted. What you do today, should you choose to make it so is part of YOUR Journey. I can only sum it up by saying….Big, Huge, Fantastic, and INCREDIBLE.

Peace. BB
Minute with Maxwell…Incredible

Friday 26 April 2013


What a GRReat Word to end the week on. And Yes, it’s optional.

Everything that you do and say, especially that of the positive, will provide you with options. Don’t get this confused with choices. Because it may be either positive or negative choices that you have made that would have caused you to make decisions whereby you had no choice because you had no clear options to choose from. Wow, that is a play on words for sure!

I would like to think that everything we do and say daily and weekly or longer will provide us with a good many options that we can take. And the beauty of it all is that we can select several options at a time. I think of when you go to buy a new car, as to how many options you can have with that new car based on what your pocket book says you can have. Then you have to make a choice followed by a decision.

Here we are at the week’s end. What options do you have you created that will allow you to make some really good decisions? The Choice is Yours.

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Options

Thursday 25 April 2013


Talent is a gift which will give you a lift. 

I think of a formula that is so simple and yet the results of which are exponential for you see that Talent is Never Enough. But when you take that talent and mix it with time. The formula goes like this:

Time + Talent = Treasure.

See that is why talent is never enough because if your talent sits idle or you don’t use it to the potential that you were meant to use it by it becomes simply a waste of time. Your abilities and talents can grow and mature through implementation and learning but the time wasted will never be recouped. Each and everyone of us was given certain talents (gifts) that when used in combination with the talents of others can produce abundant results that can and will benefit all.

I am sure that we could speak on this for quite some time today but suffice to say from me that Today I am already making my check list of my tasks and how my talents will come into play to help me bring them to a successful result. It is just a matter of time.

What are some of your talents that you are working with today? How can you improve them?

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Talent

Wednesday 24 April 2013


A House built on Sand without support will not last. Say thank you to…

Today is Administrative Professional’s Support Day. Start out your today by saying thank you to all those people through all the years who have supported you in one way or another with administrative support. In today’s modern environment, there are no trivial tasks that need to be done that you don’t want to do so you give them to someone else to do. Today, everything is important and in order for your machine to run and run well, it is because of that special person or persons that deal with all those tasks so that you can focus on your to do list.

A good Administrative Assistant is like a really good pair of gloves and the ability to think ahead and even have the authority to make many decisions for you can not be taken for granted. It is that proper foundation that allows your business or company or just you to have that support and foundation that is so important.

For remember that a House built on a weak foundation will not last. Thank your special person today. In fact, not just today!

Peace. BB

Tuesday 23 April 2013


It is definitely fair to have an advantage.

I am not sure, but why would anyone want to put themselves into a position that would cause them to have a disadvantage? From a Leadership perspective, an advantage is gained when one (or the Team) puts in as much preparation as is possible or required for the achievement of a common goal.

Clearly no matter if it is a sports team, a military operation or that of a business organization the sole purpose of preparation and organization followed by more preparation and organization is to go out and gain the best advantage possible in order for success to be the end result. You as an individual would also want to ensure that the best was put into something that you were working on to culminate in a successful result. There in lies the need for you to take advantage of all that lies before you.

Today I challenge you to go and find your advantage to tasks that you are working on and towards so that you clearly put yourself in a position to win. After all, isn’t that why you’re in the game in the first place!

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Advantage

Monday 22 April 2013


Are you taking care of what you have which ultimately are precious and the “gifts”?

 When I think about today’s word, I truly know that I need to make sure that I am “in the moment”. There are so many things that have been put before me and put into my life (and yours) that are truly precious. And to not care for, to look out for only eventually causes that which is precious to become lost. If not properly cared for, lost for ever.
We don’t just refer to material things but we also refer to that which are a part of us. How often have we not taken care of loving relationships? Were they/ are they not precious? Our children who will carry on when we are gone, are they not precious? How about ourselves? Do we / have we been caring for our own selves as we should? Are we not precious? Even our mother Earth. An object sailing through the void of space and yet an object that has and continues to support the precious lives of so many.
Today, I ask you to stop for a moment in your busy lives and take note of all the precious people and things that are a part of you and live from there.
Peace. BB

Friday 19 April 2013


Let’s all make an effort to add value to someone today.

Today’s word is an action word. There is no doubt that when someone is enriched their potential value increases immeasurably. There is no reason why on a daily basis we cannot go out there and bring value to others. We should be lifters.

It is the richness that you personally have that you are able to deposit into others. Minute with Maxwell…Enrich

Today! Lord knows there is enough negativity out there! Do it Today!

If you have a moment in between adding richness and value to others, leave me a comment as to how you did.

Peace. BB


Thursday 18 April 2013


To teach is to touch lives. We are ALL Teachers.

While some of us have gone the full gauntlet and become professional educators (Teachers) we should all realize that we are and continue to be teachers in the lives of everyone we meet. Those of us who have raised children were the very first teachers in their lives. By our very actions and deeds, we have interacted and had impact on each and every person that we have come into contact with and that we are in contact with.

One of the questions I usually ask when I am conducting leadership training is “when are you in first impression mode”?  After some discussion on the topic, the group comes to realize that we are always in first impression mode. Why? Because while we are impacting those directly in front of us, we are impacting those that are nearby who are observing our actions and activity.

Let me conclude by asking each and everyone of us to thank a teacher today and that means have a look in the mirror and thank the person you see because even though you may not have the degree to go with it, you have been a teacher to someone. To teach is to touch lives.

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Teach

Wednesday 17 April 2013


On this I take my Stand and Oh, I have your Back too!

Today’s word is a reminder of being strong and steadfast. Knowing that there will be times of challenge and times where your metal will be tested. Today’s word is also a word that best describes what it means to be loyal to someone or to a cause.
There is no greater feeling than to know that in times of thick and thin that there will be someone who will be there to support you and love you and hold fast to the values that you have. To Have YOUR back or even to stand right there next to you by your side. That is what true friendship and true relationships are all about.
My dad used to teach me that in life you will be able to count your “true” friends on the fingers of one hand. I did not understand that then. Today, I as I am sure you can say that we have many friends in our lives BUT how many of them would be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice if it came to that? Now that is truly unwavering!
Peace. BB

Monday 15 April 2013


If you knew that tomorrow could be in jeopardy would Today Matter? What if you did not know?
Today Matters! Yes, today, for that is what we have. You know that this all sounds fatalistic but let us face the reality of life and that is that nothing is guaranteed. Someone once questioned my statement on this as being somewhat negative. As I thought on this, I came to realize that I was not being negative. At first I thought that I was thinking this because of my age but I looked around me and knew that age had nothing to do with this. People are being shot, having accidents, contracting illnesses, etc. at all ages of their lives.
So not to belabor the point…Today Matters! You cannot worry about what you did not do yesterday. You cannot pull the Scarlet O’Hara Gone with the Wind attitude that you will worry (think) about it tomorrow. You need to make each and every moment you have today count. This does not mean that it is work, work, work. It means that what ever you are doing or need to do is done. Enjoy your life and most importantly….ENJOY Today for Today Matters!
Peace. BB

Friday 12 April 2013


If you think your life is Barrier free…think again.
I will start off by saying that there are both positive and negative barriers. When I think of positive barriers, what comes to my mind right away are the Great Barrier Reef and guard rails on a road way, not to mention the reef line here in Bermuda. All were put in place to protect and prevent serious harm from coming to that with which it is protecting.
If we on the other hand look at this from a leader’e perspective, we come to realize that there are no two days in a row that we don’t have obstacles and other challenges to face. That barriers whether positive or negative have to be faced and overcome in order for the desired outcome to be achieved.
So today, know and realize that you are going to face some stuff. What are you going to do about it? Will you be an overcomer or will you simply just be overcome?
Let me know. Look forward to your feedback.
Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…barriers

Thursday 11 April 2013


Have I had suitably prepared myself so that when the Opportunity arises…?

When I think of what opportunity means, I cannot help but hear John (Maxwell) from his teachings saying that the fallacy of some people is to say that when they get the position or opportunity that that is the time they will buy the book and read it or that is the time they will begin to prepare for the leadership position. I even hear people on a regular basis blaming others or their life situation for not moving forward. My gosh what foolishness! You must be ready and getting ready so that when Opportunity arrives (knocks) you are ready to take it on.

Even if you follow scripture, it clearly says to be on guard (prepared) for you know not the hour…. Opportunity is like that. And if you miss out on the opportunity because you were not ready, then who are you going to blame? Let’s keep this posting positive shall we? My suggestion for you today is that no matter where you are and doing what you are doing that this is the moment and the “opportunity” to get ready so that when it presents itself YOU are the one who will be able to take advantage and be fruitful.

Do you agree? Yes or no.  What are some things you are personally doing to get ready? Age is NOT a barrier any longer! Carpe Diem.

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Opportunity

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Prompting. Without it we are….

Are you driven? Are you motivated? Are you a self starter? Or do you need prompting?

Don’t worry many of us do but many of us also don’t move until someone else comes along to prompt us to move. That can be your boss, your spouse, your friend, etc. But probably the most important prompter you can and will have in your life is your mentor. You see your friend generally tells you what you want to hear but your mentor communicates what you need to hear and know.

Don’t get me wrong, prompting is not always a bad thing, in fact, it can be a very good thing. It has and will continue to be the determining factor that caused you to take that road yet untraveled so that you could go out and fulfill the destiny that is yours. It can and will be the determining factor that caused you to get out of your rut and be that with which you thought you could not.

So my call to you today is simply a nudge to shift your course and direction to what can and could be. If the nudge is not meant to be for you your retro rockets will self correct you and you can go back to whatever it is that you are doing.

What are your thoughts?
Peace. BB
Minute with Maxwell…Prompting

Tuesday 9 April 2013

Loyalty…it’s not just a requirement for the house pet!

Of course the first thing that comes to mind when I think of loyalty is the dog who remains “loyal” to his master and we all have seen the movie where Lassie would go into harms way to protect little Timmy amidst all sorts of dangers. Even if it involved her laying down her life for him. Well I don’t have a dog anymore. I actually have cats. They on the other hand show a different degree of loyalty. I am sure that you know what I mean but speaking of mean… If we are mean to our animals they will somehow for the most part still remain loyal but eventually that can and will wear out.

Loyalty amongst us humans takes on a much different tack entirely. We are loyal to our country, to organizations, to our leaders, to our friends and to our family. And we do this through thick and thin even to the point of putting our honor and reputation on the line. There are some people in our lives that we would even go so far as to be prepared to give up an arm, leg or an organ for. And if it truly came down to it, WE Would give up our very life for.

Now that’s loyalty! Well actually, you are probably saying, no that’s love. Well if I had to think on this, it is actually both and these two words tend to become one in the same for me. It takes a lot for me to even think about turning from someone or something. That must be why love is woven through loyalty! What are your thoughts and feelings on loyalty? Do you think that people change their loyalties because someone or something that appears better comes along? Are they really better or just different? Where do they lie?

Really want to hear from you and look forward to it.

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Loyalty

Monday 8 April 2013

Diligence…Success only comes before work in the dictionary…stay your course.

Doing what we should do each and every day. Knowing that if I am diligent in my consistency to do what is required I will reach my goal. Maintaining my efforts to the best of my abilities will ensure that my journey will be rewarding. I need to work hard and smart to gain the momentum that is required so that it does not have to continue to be hard work.

Diligence…what will you do today to show your diligence to the goals you have in front of you today?

Minute with Maxwell…Diligence

Friday 5 April 2013


Each and every one of us has the Power to Empower…don’t short circuit yourself.

I would like to think that the statement from Yoda (Star Wars Movies) that I posted earlier today says a lot when it comes to Empowerment. That statement being “Do or Do not, there is no try”. You see, empowering someone shows that you have faith in them and in return the power increases by them showing that they have faith in you.

Thus we are going out there to help people to do more than try, we are going out there to help them “do”. We are and should understand that there may be failures along the way…but we grow and we learn from them.

So today, make a concerted effort to go out and empower someone. Not embarrass. Not downplay but empower and support. I send you empowerment thoughts and wishes for you need to be empowered just as much as the person you are empowering.

Do me a favor and come back with some instances today where empowerment took place where you are. Put your comments here for others to share and participate in.

Peace. BB
Minute with Maxwell…Empowered

Thursday 4 April 2013

I’ve Miles to Go Before I Sleep and Many Promises To Keep!

As I sit here about to launch my today, I am not only going over things that I need to do but noting that the things I need to do are based on the promises I made to others and to myself.
Peace. BB

Minute With Maxwell…Promises (special edition)

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Simplicity…Why do people keep trying to reinvent the wheel?

I remember my days in the military when it was always being impressed upon us to use the KISS Principle. You know brand new 2nd Lieutenants almost always tried to complicate the simple. Living in the complicated world that we live in requires that we strive to maintain simplicity. With all the modern technological tools that we have been presented with we must ensure that we don’t try to over complicate. Clearly the phrase “there is an app for that” causes us to keep searching for the one that will simplify.

I think back to the days of my childhood when it truly was simple to go outside and play in the fresh air. To use the items that nature provided and things just hanging around the house to build things. Clearly, our imaginations may have been running wild but we were always in the simple.

Wow have things changed. Well as I have heard it…the more things change, the more they stay the same. Let’s go out there and begin with the end in mind and keep it as simple as possible. Your friends and colleagues will thank you for it.

Peace. BB
Minute with Maxwell…Simplicity

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Maximizer or Minimizer…Which are you going to be today?

Doors and Windows of Opportunity are being opened to you and for you today! You are on your Journey. Each and everyday that we get another day is a chance to be and do as much as we can with that time given.

Will you take full advantage of this or will you squander what has been put before you? The choice is yours, the choice is mine…Will you be a minimizer today or a MAXIMIZER! Strive to be a Maximizer often.

Peace. BB
Minute with Maxwell…Maximizer

Friday 29 March 2013

There is NO Success WITHOUT Sacrifice!

The Law of Sacrifice clearly states that you must give up in order to go up. For success to occur someone must be willing to make that sacrifice. Someone must be willing to give up something. There can be no success without sacrifice occurring somewhere along the road to that success. Will it be easy? NO. Will it probably be hard? Yes. Will you have to come out of your comfort zone? Absolutely.

Today is part of a weekend in the Christian World that clearly showed great sacrifice. There were no free lunches or free rides along the way. There was lots of work, pain and anguish. So whether you are a Christian celebrating Easter weekend or not….

Remember that even love does not come without sacrifice. And you know what…sacrifice does not come without a willingness to love!

Happy Easter and may you be blessed always.

Peace. BB
Minute with Maxwell…Sacrifice

Thursday 28 March 2013


The Formula is simple…Time plus effort equals Results.

Are you getting the results you wanted or expected? With insufficient time put in the formula is weak. With insufficient effort put in the formula is weaker still. But with just the right amount of both the results are great.I would tend to expect that you are looking for positive and successful results on the way to fulfilling and achieving your goals and dreams!

The path is clear. The choice is yours. Follow the formula and adjust your quantities accordingly and see how successful things will result (always remember that although I am writing this to you, I am speaking very loudly to me). Remember the words we have had so far this week on the road to results….Potential, Listen. Action……REsults!

Peace. BB
Minute with Maxwell…Results

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Action, Action, We Want Action…A C T I O N…Action!

Well to say that this word is anything but lack of movement would be contradictory. I always remember one of my mentors saying “I can’t hear what you are saying cause your actions speak so loud”. Quite frankly, most everything we do requires action. Some requires more action than others. Most everything we don’t accomplish is a direct result of a lack of action. One of the laws of physics clearly states that a body in motion stays in motion due to action and a body at rest tends to stay at rest due to a lack of action.

Let’s cut right to the chaste here…..do you want to get something done? Today? Now? Well then, Lights, Camera….ACTION!

Peace. BB
Minute with Maxwell…Action

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Attention…Attention….Listen in order to Lead

Listen, Learn and then Lead. My parents used to ask me if I was listening. Now I and I am sure you have seen many an occasion where by a parent or someone else was speaking very loudly saying “Do You Hear Me”!!!! Of course, I later learned in business that complimenting phrase that said “I cannot hear you because your actions speak so loud”!

It is one thing to hear but it is so much more important to listen. Our brains are flooded today with so many distractions, wave lengths, frequencies. Just plain noise. But even with that our human minds have the ability to filter through it all and focus on specific things. Just take a few moments right now to pause and listen to how many things you can hear going on around you. As far as leadership is concerned, it is and will be your ability to filter through all the noise you are hearing so that your actions will be the correct ones. Thus when my parents said instead, “Are you listening to me”? They got my attention and my focus and for that, I thank them still even today.

Peace. BB
Minute with Maxwell…Listen

Monday 25 March 2013

Potential…Are we living up to ours? Just asking.

Not to play on words but today’s word in and of itself has so much potential. What comes to your mind when you think of today’s word? I know that the first thing that came to me was always hearing it said when my parents went to visit my teachers.And of course, we tend to become that with which we hate the most. So I used to advise parents of my students potential or lack there of. Well things have changed. Time to look at the word potential in a positive fashion. Time to realize that in life there is so much potential. In fact, without Potential Energy we would never end up with Kinetic Energy.

But here is the key to today’s word…Change. Yes, change. All to often we cannot achieve our potential because we have gotten so stuck in where we were and opposed to where we are and where we could be. The Law of the Lid is so correct when it comes to this. Limits placed on change because we won’t allow our awareness to be raised. What’s worse is that it often limits the potential of others because our lid limits the expansion of theirs.

Rather than ramble on (as I am very passionate about this) I will simply end by challenging you to go out and raise the level of your awareness (your lid) and allow your potential and that of others to flow…flow…flow!

What are your thoughts and comments?
Peace. BB
Minute with Maxwell…Potential

Friday 22 March 2013

Methodical…There truly is a method to my madness and it’s not crazy.

The secret to your success is based on your daily routine. Everyday we put steps and procedures in place and then into action so that we can achieve certain results. Most of the time we do these actions so that we can achieve the positive results that we are looking for. But there are times that we get out of routine or worse yet we don’t have a routine at all. Not having a method in place is like playing Russian Roulette. You hope that you will get by without having things explode on you.

If you are one of those types that has your list of daily tasks made out and are going to methodically work your plan because you planned your work…GREAT! If you are not, then today is the a great day to begin to put some steps into place (methods) and see where the journey takes you. You don’t need to be in Oz for success thru methodology to work for you.

Peace. BB
Minute with Maxwell…Methodical

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Fresh is not stale and stale is NOT Fresh. Leaders cannot afford to be stale.

Insights, thoughts, materials and resources just to say the least are the tools required for a Leader to remain fresh. Leaders must always be learning. In fact, if a leader chooses to base his leadership on what he learned long ago then those that follow will grow weary and eventually cease to follow. There are too many “leaders” out there who are really just managers and in fact may not even be managing well due to a lack of leadership and freshness. To state that you will read a leadership book when you get the position is not fresh. It is Stale!

Today, you have been given a Fresh turning of the hour glass and a new 24 hours. Go out and get a Leadership book and read. Seek out a coach and together bring out the freshness that is not only in you but is you. Wow, just thinking about a fresh new day is exciting to the possibilities. Oh, that was yesterday’s word. Funny how these words go hand in hand.

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Fresh

Monday 18 March 2013

 Hope Springs Eternal, the Possibilities in Your Life are Endless!

Hope Springs Eternal. If you noticed the picture that I shared with you this morning You will clearly get the point that possibility surrounds you. In fact, the mere fact that you are able to see and read this article shows that you have been given a new day. Another turning of the sand clock to see what you can do with the time that has been provided today.

Even as I write this to you, I can’t help but notice how my sub-concious is running at full steam with all the things that I want to do, see and accomplish. That will mean that in many cases I will have to give up some of the things that negatively influenced me as I was growing up. It is so easy for mankind to say “why” and yet it is so possible to shout “why not”?

I challenge each and every one of you today to let your sub conscious run wild and let it spill over into your conscious and go out there and conquer those possibilities that await you. Remember that everything rises and falls on Leadership and that your success is determined by your daily routine. And as Zig Ziglar once said…
It is not your aptitude, but your attitude, that determines your altitude.
Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Possibility

Friday 15 March 2013

Potential…are you that Eagle Soaring or still the Little Engine that “could”?

Potential energy is a body at rest tends to stay at rest until acted upon and of course Kinetic energy is a body in motion tends to stay in motion until acted upon. So often we hear the story about the teacher saying to the parent that “Johnnie” is not working to his potential or I am so proud of Little “Johnnie” as he has so much potential. I think the better and more positive phrase is the latter.

Take a few moments to potentially think of all that you can do today and once you build up a full head of steam how much easier it is to get it accomplished. A train sitting idly by on the tracks can be stopped by a single piece of wood but a train barreling along can blast right through a steel and concrete barrier!

Ask yourself today. “Am I potential energy or am I Kinetic energy”

Peace. BB
Minute with Maxwell…Potential

Thursday 14 March 2013

Alignment…without it you can expect an unbalanced rough road ahead.

When I saw today’s word, my mind immediately began to race as to all the variations on a theme of this one word. I thought back to my younger days when I worked in the auto / garage business when customers (me included) would come in and need their front end aligned. This was especially important because without it, the tires would wear down unevenly and could actually cause an accident. Did everyone get an alignment? No.
Then, I thought of how countries will often align themselves based on their need for the common good and safety. Do all countries seek out to align themselves for the common good? No
Then, I began to think of how important it is for your body to be in alignment with itself. I am sure some of you can relate as to how your neck, or your back or your hips, etc hurt because something is just not right. Thank you to my chiropractor in the past. Have to say my alignment is pretty good right now.
Well, you know that my age began to show when I started singing that famous song by the 5th Dimension “Aquarius”…when Jupiter aligns with Mars. Yes, there are times when the planets are in alignment and how this has an effect on good old planet Earth.
So I guess at the end of the day, alignment must be pretty important and yet not everyone ensures that they are aligned. Today is a good day to start working on that alignment.
Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Alignment

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Accountability…that one word out there that can cause us the jitters.

It is interesting to think about this word today for everything we think, do or say be it good, bad or indifferent will ultimately cause us to be accountable. Accountable to someone or to something. If you were to make a list of all the values you hold dear to note that this one word will have the greatest impact on your present but how about your future?

We have been being held accountable from our very youth. Accountable in school. Accountable at home. In our adult life, accountability has not become less. If anything, it has become more. Accountability to job and to family. How about accountability to society?

And let me not forget that last but not least (for those of us that believe in a higher authority), Our Grand Overall Designer! Yes, we know that the day is coming for which we know not the day that we will be held accountable for what we did or did not do with the dash between our dates.

Is it too late to work on that accountability? Certainly not! Time to start again for the first time.
Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Accountability

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Influence…Be it positive or negative, the ability to influence still denotes Leadership.

Some of us are easily led and for some it takes a bit more to do so. Regardless, of which, it is influence that causes this. The end result of this influence may be positive or it may be negative. Many who end up joining gangs have done so because of negative influence while those who managed to avoid or walk away from same were because of positive influence. And this is summed up in the word Leadership.
As John Maxwell has clearly defined in his Laws of Leadership, that Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. I guess in conclusion to the use of today’s word, what sort of influence are you exuding over others today? You do have a choice and so do I.
Peace. BB

Monday 11 March 2013

Negotiation needs to be a win win and NOT a broadcast from Radio Station WIIFM…

All to often we think of people sitting at the negotiation tables discussing what they can get from the other side at the expense of the other side. All too often the thought of what the other side was prepared to lose to tip the scale in your direction was the focus and purpose of the negotiation. Let’s look at it from a different angle today. Let’s look at it as “what am I prepared to compromise on” so that the other side gains something. Do you not think that if the other side gains something too that they will be prepared to continue discussions in the future?
Negotiations cannot be 1. Win Lose  2. Lose Win  3. Lose Lose.  You should always strive for it to be a “Win Win”. Not only will this work in your job, and with your friends but will also work as you raise your offspring.
What are your thoughts on this? Don’t be afraid to leave a comment as that is what “negotiations” are all about.
Peace. BB

Friday 8 March 2013

Strength on International Women’s Day

While it is so important to know and to have a strong father figure in your life, I can clearly think and remember the Strength and fortitude that came from my mother to me. Her knowing when to scold and knowing when to hold but most importantly that sense of unconditional love and caring that only a mother could give. You have all seen in nature how a mother will always even at the cost of her own life do what ever is necessary to protect her young!
So even though today is not Mother’s Day and is classified as International Women’s Day, let us build upon the STRENGTH that they have portrayed and given to us. Everyday is Mother’s Day and everyday is Father’s Day but most importantly, everyday is a day for us to be thankful and show that strength to others that was and is being shown to us. Thank you Mom and Dad for what you did for me.
Peace. BB

Thursday 7 March 2013

People, people who need people…
are the luckiest people in the world. Famous line from a famous song from a famous musical. But when it comes to people, well here we are! And this world would be a far boring place if it wasn’t for the fact that there are people. Think of all the things that couldn’t and wouldn’t get or be done.

Think of what the world would be like if you were not here to share in what is going on and happening. Depending on your faith, you realize that the Grand Overall Designer made sure that the world contained….yes, people! Wow take away the darkness and bring on the light!

Today, why not make it a point during your travels to work, school, wherever to pause and give thanks, yes, for “People”. Can’t live with them and we certainly can’t live without them but together we can accomplish great things.

Peace. BB
Minute with Maxwell…People

Wednesday 6 March 2013

History…What Leadership (influence) are you exuding today?

I had thought to just put today’s word up and then leave a blank page after that to bring about the importance of history. Whether it be “His” story or “Her” story, there is a story that accumulates in your life and that of the lives of all those you know and don’t know. It is impossible to go through life without history. The question becomes whether you are going to dwell on the past or learn from it as you are in your present embarking on your future.
What has this got to do with Leadership….Well….Everything. John Maxwell mentioned to us the other day that in total the population of earth throughout all of history has amounted to roughly 26 Billion people and yet history will reflect that this total amount of people have been influenced by roughly 3000 Leaders. This is quite an eye opener and really brings home the statement that “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. What history are you writing today? What Leadership (influence) are you exuding today?
Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…History

Tuesday 5 March 2013


Good bad or indifferent, we all have one. We all have earned one. And we can all lose one in the blink of an eye! What am I referring to? Well, reputation, of course.

Good reputations are built slowly and correctly sometimes even taking a lifetime to effect. Poor or bad reputations can be earned fairly quickly and for some reason stick to us like glue. Sometimes that poor or bad reputation that we are marked with is the result of gossip and hear say. I guess what I am trying to say is make sure you take the time to build up something that you can be proud of and that is life long. Work hard to be the leader when it comes to being outstanding rather than standing out in the crowd. Your reputation is part of your journey and part of the dash between your dates. Use it well.

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Reputation


Monday 4 March 2013

Are you prepared and willing to work for, to fight for, to sacrifice for a goal? Then you are indeed an activist! The very nature of the word implies activity. It implies that you are going to do what ever it takes to get the task done. By getting the task done, you can move on to the next task and the next task and before you know it, you have hit those goals.

Now the word activist may also imply that you are revolutionary in nature. Well let’s look at this in a positive light. By no means am I promoting the bringing down of an organization or bringing down of a government or country. On the contrary, I am advocating just the opposite. We are a Leadership Organization. We Build Leaders and thus am advocating the building UP of an organization, the building UP of a government and the building UP of a country. But most of all, the building UP of people which by the way, includes YOU!
Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Activist

Thursday 28 February 2013

By the Power vested in me(and in you)….Today’s word is really pretty cool. In fact, I challenge you to keep a running list of the amount of times that you “authorize” something today, let alone a week, month and year.

You have more authority than you realize. In today’s modern internet world the number of times that you are asked to click here to authorize. The number of times that you must grant permission to someone at work to accomplish a task. If you are a parent, the number of times that you will need to give your permission to those little darlings who will look you in the eyes and say…”But Dad”…
Just realize that authority must come from within you and that you should always make sure that it is positive.
Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Authority

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Transformation requires change. To do so, YOU need to be in the Room!

I want to stress asking you to watch John Maxwell’s video today and join us on Monday March 4th. Transformation is so important in life. Transformational Leadership thus is an extension of that importance. In life, we must constantly be growing and improving or we eventually just whither away. The Beautiful Butterfly that comes from the cocoon required a great deal of effort to come out of the cocoon. If it was easy, it perished.

I will let John do most of the talking on this word today for the value that He brings. I will just end on this note regarding yourself and that of Transformational Leadership….”Are you in the room”?
Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Transformation…Join us on March 4th

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Do you know that you are “Always” in 1st Impression Mode? 

People do what people see. Are you aware that you are always in “1st Impression Mode”? Not only are you making that impression with those in your immediate area but you are also making an impact, either positive or negative with those on your peripheries! So what does this have to do with “Culture”? Actually, quite a bit. Let me insert a dictionary definition here (Culture is the sum of total of the learned behavior of a group of people that are generally considered to be the tradition of that people and are transmitted from generation to generation.)

You attract who you are. And you are the total traits that you carry with you. Some of them are genetic of sorts but others are learned both intentionally and by your kept environment. Thus, you have more than you realize, the ability to make choices as to whether you create a positive or a negative environment around you. And just think of the impact that you have on others! This is a Leadership site so ponder today how your culture and learned traits can be of a positive or negative nature to not only yourself but to those who interact with you.
Here is a good question to ask yourself…..The highest form of insanity is to keep doing what you are doing and expect different results. Thus, based on your environment and the culture you are around…is it positive or is it negative? Based on the answer to that will determine the choices and path you take from today on! 
Peace BB

Minute with Maxwell….Culture

Monday 25 February 2013

There really is no “Gold” in Gold Bricking so stop “slacking off”.

Today’s word is descriptive of an occurrence that has gone on all throughout history. And that is “Slacker”, one who slacks off. It is one thing to be a servant leader and take on people’s loads because they are in a bad situation. The song He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother is one thing. To follow the story of how Jesus, states that walking along the sand that there were two sets of prints in the sand but because of your situation, He took your load upon His shoulders etc. No, to be a slacker is something quite different. It is being a malingerer. It is being a goldbricker. It is being quite frankly a parasite on someone who has to take on your load because you are too lazy to do the work yourself AND and I say AND expect to still harvest the rewards!

Do you know anyone like this? Well you as a Leader cannot only afford to be a slacker but you cannot pull slackers along and expect to be successful as a Leader. Start your week off right today. Go out there and be the Leader you are supposed to be and take up the slack in the ropes of what life puts to you. Success awaits you for it!
Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Slacker

Friday/Saturday 15-16 February 2013

Your Planning requires letter “B” and other letters of the alphabet.

We always go out there with the intent that our plans are going to work and work right the first time. I am sure that you have encountered situations whereby the best laid plans just did not go and work out the way you “planned”. Well as a good Boy Scout, I am here to say that you always need to “Be Prepared”.

This is where you need to have not only a Plan B, but perhaps a few other letters of the alphabet ready in the wings. See the true and real leader is ready for what is not planned for. The true and real leader is adaptable and is ready to use some of that initiative.
So, as you approach this weekend and what lies ahead….do you have your “Plan B” ready to go?
Peace. BB

Thursday 14 February 2013

Leadership is Influence, nothing more, nothing less.

With all the communication happening about leadership training, coaching and taking a step outside the box, leadership is also summed up by noting it is the ability to “add value” to others.

Many are in management positions but are not leading. Today is a day when we are supposed to love more than any other day in the year. In fact, depending on your faith, you will know that the greatest of commandants is love.

Today, I am asking you to allow the seed of greatness that is inside of you to come forward, walk in love and add value to those around you that you are managing. From that will come the Leader that you are meant to be. Oh and do it again tomorrow too…..Happy Valentine’s Day to all you “Leaders” out there.

Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Leadership

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Every problem or challenge can be dissolved in a “Solution”.

To every problem or challenge that you will or are facing out there, there is a solution or solutions that will address it. All to often we go to other people to find these solutions, these answers when in reality we already have the answer(s). I chose to take this route in my answer today because it is far better for us to go to someone for help when we already have addressed the problem and then they can help us with the solution.

As a professional and certified coach, I have learned that the people I am coaching have the answer inside of them already. It is up to me to help them get “in the moment” based on their map of the world. For me to come up with the solution(s) might work for me if it was “my” problem but may be completely the wrong answer for them. Did not realize when I was raising my children that when they came to me with a challenge I would say…okay make a list with 3 pro’s and 3 con’s of your thoughts on how to solve this and then let’s make our decision how to deal with it. Many times, the pro’s outnumbered the con’s and a solution was derived.
If you would like to experience a coaching session, give me a call or email me at bermudabob.com and I will give you a sample session.
Peace. BB

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Starting is great, but Finishing is Awesome!

We have all started many, many things in life. So much so, that I will bet if you look around the house or your office that you will find a number of things that you bought, rented, borrowed, saw on 1-800 get me that new fangled thing, that you had all the best of intentions of doing or accomplishing. The real question is, how many of them did you “Finish”? What about relationships? The word today is finish and not end. Will we finish and carry out what is required to have a successful relationship?

As I have aged and matured on the journey of my life, I have come to realize the race(s) that we are running. What I have realized is that speed is not always necessarily the advantage but more so consistency and reliability. I am not running races against others. I am running races with myself. We are 43 days into the New Year. WE have all made our New Year’s Resolutions and Convictions. At day 43, how many of those resolutions are still in effect? How many of the goals and dreams are we still running to get finished? I am not going to dwell on that final day when my time is finished but rather I am going to focus on ensuring that I finish well all that I can and am able to do during the dash that is between my dates!
What are your thoughts? What have you started but did not finish? What are you working on that you WILL finish?
Peace. BB

Monday 11 February 2013

So where are you in what you are working on, or in your “career”? Have you reached the highest point? Have you achieved that which you set out to do? These are all great questions when it comes to today’s word. Today’s word is “Pinnacle”.

The dictionary definition of Pinnacle is a lofty peak, the highest culminating point as in the success attainable. What I see your pinnacle point is that you have worked hard. That in that hard work, as a leader you have brought as many people along as was / is possible. That you have done as much as was /is possible to expand your horizon. Now, you have attained that tall point, that spire and you are able to look down and survey all based on this.
What are your thoughts on today’s word when it comes to what you are currently doing? Do you need to reassess your tasks, conditions and standards? In other words, do you need to fire your retro rockets to get back on course? Let me know your thoughts.
Ask me about the 5 Levels of Leadership if you truly want to achieve your Pinnacle Point.
Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell…Pinnacle

Friday 8 February 2013

Did you go out and learn, earn and then return?

Today’s word is “entitlement”. Clearly this is a word that has gotten a good number of people and groups in trouble over the years. This thought pattern that because time was put in or because of seniority or just because you are now in charge authorizes you to have or to take even at the expense of those around you who helped you to get there. Perhaps you felt that you were in that group known as the “have nots” and now because you are “in charge” that you are going to make up for all the years of not having.
We have all read the passages on it is better to humble oneself than to exalt oneself. Leaders and even governments have toppled because of their dealing with that sense of entitlement. In reality, entitlement makes no sense. In conclusion, today go out there with a sense of purpose and plan your way to success so that when you become a “have” you will be able to know in your heart and mind that you earned it.
What are your thoughts? Let me know if you agree with my translation or you see it differently.
Peace. BB

Thursday 7 February 2013

Do you have the “Big Mo” or are you in the mode of the Big Slow?

Today’s word is “Momentum” and if you did not get to see the Super Bowl, you probably heard that the lights went out. The delay that resulted waiting for the lights to come back on resulted in what was perceived as a shift in the momentum of the game. Fortunately for the Ravens, the 49er’s ran out of time.
Momentum aka the Big Mo is probably your best friend when it comes to getting things done. To hear someone say, “don’t stop me now, I’m on a roll” is not uncommon. And clearly when you have those things going for you, keep going for once you slow down or stop, you can imagine how much time, effort and energy it will take to get things back up and running again.
A train locomotive as big and powerful as it is (kinetic energy vs potential energy) can be held to a standstill by just a small piece of wood placed in front of one of its wheels and yet that same locomotive barreling down the track at say 50mph can blow through a large steel and concrete reinforced wall totally destroying it. Or that wave that turns into a tsunami. You get the picture.
Today, use the law of the Big Mo to get those projects and tasks done and at the end of the day mark them off your list with a big smile and a sense of accomplishment!
Peace. BB

Minute with Maxwell “Momentum”

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Are you prepared to accept/Will you accept the grace coming your way today?

When one thinks of “grace”, one thinks of a smoothness of motion. But the more profound way to think of “grace” is that of favor and mercy coming from the Grand Overall Designer (God). The main thing is that it is His desire that we should have it. It is not because we have done something so wonderful to earn it. It is bestowed upon us and ultimately we are the ones who must then choose to accept it. Now therein lies the question in the first place. Grace is freely given to us and yet we will either ignore its presence or will just refuse to accept or acknowledge it. Grace is like a glass of water that allows us to take what we need and then it abundantly refills itself to the point of overflowing.

What are your thoughts on this word? Do you agree with my translation or do you have a different take on it? I don’t know about you but I am going to go out today and live and be grateful for the blessings that are coming my way through grace.
Peace. BB

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Do you have what it takes to finish what you started?

To have the energy to go that extra and finish what it is that is started. But it is also a mental effect that outweighs that of the physical. All too often, people allow mind games to come into play that make the person quit. Stamina is not just something required for an athlete or someone in the military. It is something that is also required for that school student prepping for the exams. And let us not leave out those in the working and business world. Stamina is out there for us all. In order for all this to come together, we need to get rest. We need to nourish our bodies and we need to nourish our minds.

Are you ready today to go that extra and be that extra? Will you have the stamina to finish and finish well when you are wondering why you are doing it in the first place? Do whatever it takes and finish what you start.
Always remember that winners never quit and quitters never win.
Peace. BB

Thursday 31 January 2013

Who are you? 

We hear about Identity theft all the time but that is not the topic for today. The topic is about “Your Identity”. Can you identify with your identity? If you were found without any identification on you would someone know who you are?

Have you looked inward lately to see who and what you are? I guess that I have asked you a lot of questions today but know that I am asking myself the very same questions. I am checking on myself, my identity so that I can make sure that I will put my best foot forward today.

You see there is only one of us / each of us on this planet. Our identity is unique. The mold was broken when God made us. So be you today and conquer what lies ahead. From my Spanish speaking friends “Si se puede!
Peace BB


Music to think by…”Who are You”?

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Permission, both passive and direct…do you have the mandate?

From a Leadership perspective the word “Permission” has both positive and negative connotations. A Leader to be effective needs the permission of those he leads. It is not that the people come out and say I give you my permission but more so an understanding through actions. Sometimes that permission is really submission.

Think of some leaders in history who had the permission of the people and then lead them down a destructive road. For those of you who may be under the Westminster System…that a leader only stays in place for as long as he holds his teams permission and confidence. If he loses that he normally is replaced.

Remember that if you think you are a leader and no one is following you what are you in fact leading?

Peace. BB


Tuesday 29 January 2013

What influence and impact will you have on people today?

Leadership is “influence” nothing more and nothing less.

How true this is. The question though is whether it is positive or negative influence. We see and hear all too often about how “gang” influence is the detriment to our young people and as to why they get caught up in its quick sand. I think of my new little grandson and all the outside influences he is experiencing in his early days and all the positives that his parents exude with him.

I challenge you today to be a positive influence in as many people’s lives that you interact with. Who knows. That influence may become viral and have many positive impacts on so many others like dominos falling.
Peace. BB



Monday 28 January 2013

Come on Over and be an Over Comer

What a great word to start the week off with. That word is “overcome”. As I was sitting here making my list of to do’s, it occurred to me that in more ways than one we need to overcome many things on a daily and weekly basis. In fact, that means that we can and should label ourselves “over comers”!
Probably the best way to discuss this with you is to recommend that you have a read of my blog post for this week dealing with you and your Phoenix (Phenix). The article will speak for itself and you can help yourself to rising up or overcoming. Peace. BB




Friday 25 January 2013

Be the “Inspiration” to someone today…including yourself.

What gets you up every morning? What goals are you going to attack today? Is there someone or something that reaches out to you and causes you to want to be more, to do more to have more? All these things are based on “inspiration”.
But you know there is a choice for you and that choice is to also be an inspiration to someone or others too!

Today I ask you to go out there and make a concerted effort to be a positive light in the life of someone else. Inspire them with a smile and a good morning. That very action can and will have more effect than you may even imagine. I also challenge you to be an inspiration to YOU! Don’t just go through the motions today for once today is gone…..it’s gone.

Have a great day and know that I am smiling and inspiring you to greatness today!
Peace. BB


Monday 21 January 2013

“Mindset” or stepping back to see the bigger picture!

Today’s word is “Mindset”. Today is also the date of many other things that are taking place…Innauguartion Day in the US of A. Martin Luther King’s Birthday…etc.
Mindset is powerful as it can explain the way things happen because of the way both you and I think. Our Mindset.

We all see things the way we see things but most of the time we only see a small corner of the Rembrandt that is before us. We need to step back a bit and allow our mind and senses to be able to take in the bigger picture. This is where mindset comes in to play. Hundreds and thousands of years ago it took man a long time to adjust to change. Wars were fought, people suffered. Today things change so quickly. I think back to my youth in the 50’s and 60’s and the mindset that was ever so prevalent to the point of bias and prejudice.

But in this very day many of those mindsets have gone to the side. Part of that is due to the dream(s) of the man whose birthday it is today as it was to many others as well. For most of us who grew up during those turbulent days our mindsets have changed and for some those mindsets will never change.
My challenge to you today is to take that step back and take in the bigger picture. Be the positive change for the person next to you and help them with their mindset.

Peace. BB


Friday 18 January 2013

How did we ever get along without “Social Media”?

Not sure how we live without it and clearly we are asking today how do we live with it, but “Social Media” has had a major impact on all of us whether we use it or not.
The world is much smaller today as a result of social media. The ability to reach out to people from all corners of the world faster than a speeding bullet surely has been great for world peace because we are all able to communicate. Social Media can also be a pain in the neck because us older folk are used to a bit more privacy as compared to you younger folk that this is the norm for you. All in all it is not going away nor should it. We grow and we evolve and that is what makes the world go round.
What are your thoughts? Peace. BB




Thursday 17 January 2013

Leadership in Influence, nothing more, nothing less. And that is today’s word…”influential”.

Each and everyone of us has the power to influence someone or something. We have the ability to exude positive or negative on any given situation. In today’s society and generation (just a note that there is nothing different about this generation as compared to others) we need people to go that mile to positively influence everyday situations.

Today is your chance to be influential to each and everyone you come into contact with. Go out there and be a positive to counteract that negative that someone else may have thrust on someone. You be the person that makes it a better day.


Peace. BB




Wednesday 16 January 2013

“We”….there is nothing that together WE cannot accomplish!

Today’s word is short and sweet but the power that it carries is phenomenal. That word is “We”.

Together, WE can. Together, WE will!

The word we implies that we are not in it alone. That with our combined assets and strengths that there should be nothing we cannot accomplish.

What this word implies is that we must get our “I” out of the way and know that this is NOT just about me or about you. It is about us. It is about turning off that negative radio station WIIFM (What’s in it for me). And with the power of us through we, watch out world because here we come!

Peace. BB




Tuesday 15 January 2013

“Turbulence”….is your seat belt fastened for safety?

Any one who has been on an airplane has experienced turbulence at some point or time. Sometimes it is greater than others. Sometimes it starts out light and then grows more powerful. Yet, other times it just comes out of no where and catches us off guard and fortunately we have our seat belts on.

What usually helps is that the pilot can give us advanced warning that it is approaching or that we could encounter it.
Life itself is full of turbulence such that I have just described as well. The best part of being able to handle it in life is being warned that it may lie ahead and being ready for it. Or, being able to look across the aisle at the other passenger and seeing how calmly they are taking it and then you also can remain calm.

Turbulence is not a time to panic but to remain calm, keep your seatbelt fastened and deal with it for there will be smooth air ahead.

Peace. BB



Monday 14 January 2013

“Dedication”….reminds me of a now classic song.

Well the first thing that happened when I came across today’s word “Dedication” is that my mind raced back to the early days and I started hearing and singing that classic song “This is dedicated to the one I love”…
It’s amazing where the mind takes you when you hear something. Yes, you can hear things in your sub conscious. So dedicate. To finish something you start. To devote yourself to someone or to some particular project. To take and set aside for something you are doing and that is important.
You see that any and all things that you are dedicated to be they physical or be they an actual person takes love. And it is through that love that you see it through and finish what you started through the good times and the bad. Today make a list of the things you are and have dedicated yourself to during the dash between your dates. Make a difference!

Peace. BB ps….what is something you are dedicated to? Love to hear back from you.




Friday 11 January 2013

“Impact”….are you in the Zone?”


I have to say that with my military background that I think of the days when I called in artillery or mortar fire and we had to factor in the “impact” area. You see in real life everything you do will either have a positive or a negative impact on someone. How great that impact is totally dependent on you.

I like to equate impact with servant leadership. See, we should make every effort on a daily basis to see just how much of a positive impact we can have on our fellow man. It actually is a good feeling.

Peace. BB




Thursday 10 January 2013


Discretion. Discretion is the better part of valor. Not sure if you have ever heard that phrase but it has been around for years and stood the true test of time.

To know what to do, when to do and most importantly how to do something are all a part of being discreet. Let’s not leave out that it is not sometimes what you say but more importantly what you don’t say that is of equal importance.

Today as you go about your daily business, try to make a mental note of the number of times you used discretion or you were discreet when dealing with others. Show your maturity out there, think of being appropriate and know that there are things that are bigger than you. I’ll bet that you will truly realize that discretion is in fact, the better part of valor.
Peace. BB




Wednesday 9 January 2013


Most people would say that “Charisma” is some mysterious gift that a person has that attracts others to that person so much so that they want to follow that person because of the way they come across. And while on the surface this may appear to be true, if you dig a bit deeper down or step back so that you can see the bigger picture, you will see that it is more about serving others.
If you really look at Charisma you will see that the leader is right in the middle of things and is serving and helping others. Anyone can be charismatic if they set out to be.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you know anyone who comes across with Charisma?
Peace. BB




Tuesday 8 January 2013


There are things not worth investing in out there but there is always one area that is worth the investment. That would be YOU!

We may not always feel this way but in order to grow you must make an investment in yourself. You are like the seed that has been planted. You must ensure that the soil is cared for. That you are well watered and get plenty of sunlight. That the birds are kept away.

You have been blessed with many talents. Those talents will only come to fruition if you have invested in yourself. Your being on these postings is an investment in you.

You may ask at what age do you need to stop investing? Well my answer and hopefully yours is that you can stop on the day that you take your last breath. You are the magic and you are worth every bit of it.

What will you do TODAY to invest in yourself?
Peace. BB




Monday 7 January 2013

“Leadership”…Everything rises and falls on Leadership. But Bob, I am not a leader! Well, in actual fact, yes you are. You may not be the leader of a country or a CEO of some big organization but you do have influence over someone. At the very least you have influence over not only the actions and steps that you undertake but also of those who are watching you.

Step a few steps back today and focus on those who you have influence over and see just how important your leadership to them is. See how important your leadership to yourself is too!
Peace. BB

Today's Word: LEADERSHIP


Friday 4 January 2013

“Humor” one of the best things that was ever invented. Of course if you are from the British Empire, that would be Humour.

See there is some humor there! Anyway, no one really likes to be around a grouch but no one wants to be around someone who is joking around all the time either.

There is a time for being serious and there is a time for being humorous. In fact, did you know that a good belly laugh that brings tears to your eyes actually releases endorphins that are really good for you.

So go on, it’s friday…go out and have a good laugh today and try to find some humor in some of the crazy things that go on in life.
Peace. BB



Thursday 3 January 2013

Today’s word “Maximize”

There are times that a minimum of effort is required but NOT before a maximum of effort was put in. Does this sound confusing? Perhaps.

I think of the story by Zig Ziglar when he was telling about how it took a great deal of effort to pump the water pump to get the water flowing and then a minimum of effort to keep the water flowing. Or a maximum of effort to push the car to get it rolling and then a minimum of effort to keep the car rolling.

I think the picture I am trying to draw here is that you can’t go into anything in life thinking you will just do the least possible. You must go into your activity knowing it will take a great deal of effort.

That is unless you do not wish to be successful in the first place! Maximize your efforts today…you’ll be glad you did!
Peace. BB



Wednesday 2 January 2013

Today’s word is “Excellence”

Start your day off with today’s word…”Excellence”!

Not sure how many of you may remember the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The key word throughout the entire film was “excellent” NOT average. Be Excellent! Be Excellent to each other! Not Average. Average does not like excellence. Average belittles excellence.

Do you remember the analogy of the bucket of crabs and why you never have to cover the bucket? Well because anytime a crab tries to get out the others pull him back down into the bucket. Do you provide your employer with average but expect excellence in return? I think you get the picture on this.

Today is Day 2 of the New Year. Strive for Excellence in something you do today. Be careful though as it is habit forming.
Your comments always welcome and encouraged. Peace. BB




Tuesday 1 January 2013 (Happy New Year to All!)

Today’s word is “Beginning”

“Beginning” With the exception of my belief in the Grand Overall Designer, EVERYTHING has a beginning. Today is the first day of the New Year and it is a beginning. For all too many you may have spent quite a bit of energy celebrating the end of the previous year and beginning of this one! But today is a day that must be utilized. It is a day to nail down those resolutions and break them down into goals and tasks.

Now the beautiful thing about life is that if you miss out on getting this done TODAY, you get a do over tomorrow but remember that we are already on the count down to the end of this year. While we are young we don’t think on this too much but when we get to the autumn of our years, those resolutions become all the more important and meaningful.

So I ask you today….what are you doing to begin and be resolute? Love to hear from you.
Peace and a Very Happy New Year. BB




Monday 31 December 2012

Today’s word is “Reflection”

It’s New Year’s Eve! What better word to use today and think upon than that of “Reflection”.

There is so much that I can speak to but this is the time for stepping back and surveying all that you have done or not done during the past year of 2012. Clearly, unless I am in a big dream and you are all here with me, the World did not end in December.

Thus, I want to challenge each and every one of you to pause to reflect upon yourselves and not only come up with your resolutions but to also come up with your plans on how you are going to tackle those resolutions.

I would love to hear back from you on this topic.
Peace and a Very Happy New Year. BB




Friday 28 December 2012

Today’s word is “Rejection”

Today’s word is “Rejection”. To most people I know, rejection is a downer. It is an apparent sign that you are not worthy of something. WELL I choose not to look at it that way and I hope from now on you will choose not to as well!

I choose to look at rejection as an indicator that I am on my way to acceptance. It may have been that I did not prepare as well as I should have. It may be that ultimately the Grand Overall Designer above is showing me that I need to take a different direction to the Great Goals and Accomplishments that await.

The time has come to realize that Rejection will cause me to work that much harder. Just 3 more feet or stop pounding up against the wall and move over a couple of feet and find a window or door awaiting you.

Rejection…..I love it! I am not where I need to be but it is alot better than where I used to be.

Peace. BB




Thursday 27 December 2012

Today’s word is “Champion”.
As I write this, I am sure that you are all hearing the music “We are the Champions” in your mind. It takes work, work and more work plus preparation and more preparation to become a Champion. But most importantly, it takes the execution of that work and preparation to bring it all home to success.

It does not matter if you are in politics, sports, education etc. There are no champions and no championships without the preparation and work and execution. There are individual champions and there are team champions. There are winners and there are losers (sometimes a loss coming by a single point or a single second of time short). But if you never make the attempt to be that champion….well….I will leave the rest to you.

I challenge each of you today to go out there and make the preparations and begin to put in the work to make your 2013 a “Championship” year.
Please let me know how you feel on this. Peace. BB



Wednesday 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas to you and yours and Happy Festivus to the rest of us….

Today’s word is “Shine“. Well Christmas was yesterday and today in Bermuda it is Boxing Day. This is one of those traditional holidays where you used to go from house to house with boxes of food etc. Today, though, it is another opportunity to go and visit with friend, relatives and loved ones or an opportunity to catch up on some much needed rest.
I am thinking that Christmas is a day that we should celebrate each and every day. But failing that, each and every day is a day that we should make every effort to SHINE! Time is such a precious commodity. We tend to take it for granted and then we waste so much of it. It takes so much less energy to smile than it does to frown and yet (and I speak of myself before I do others) not smiling is something that became a big and bad habit of mine.
So today, I will make the effort to go out of my way to Shine. I don’t know how many days I have left (hopefully with God’s plan, quite a few) but I will work hard to remind my face that I am indeed Happy, Healthy and Terrific.
What are your thoughts on this subject? Peace and Smiles. BB

ps…make sure you click on the John Maxwell link as my good friend Jessica really lights things up.


Tuesday 25 December 2012

Christmas Celebration.


Monday 24 December 2012

“Hope”, your chance to pour into the lives of others…

Today’s word is “Hope”. What a befitting word on the eve of such a befitting experience that much of this world believes in.
I just want to take a few moments to discuss a word that so many people put their faith in. In most cases, we put our faith in the word hope in what it will bring to us.

Instead I want to turn things around and express how much hope we can pour into others who by their faith can and will be able to experience the results of any of their shortfalls.

You see from a leadership perspective, the word “HOPE” is broken down as Helping Other People Experience or a word I made up “Echieve”.
Knowing the fact that it is always better to give than to receive. Take some time today to focus on how you can help others in their quest of Faith and Hope.

Wishing you all the best. Peace and Love. BB




Friday 21 December 2012

“Execution”, its not just for breakfast anymore…”

Begin with the end in mind. All of the planning in the world is going to do you absolutely no good if there is no “execution” in the picture.

If all you are going to do is to “get ready and aim” at everything then you are not going to realize success too often. The greatest of plans require the simplest of executions. Sometimes as simple as turning a key, pushing a button or flicking a switch. But without YOU in the formula, execution does not happen.

As we close out the week and for many of us take some time to celebrate the holidays and to be with loved ones…take some time to plan out your next steps for 2013 and then decide how you are going to put “Execution” into your success formula.

Peace. BB

Today's Word: EXECUTION


Thursday 20 December 2012

Subject to “Availability”.

I am sure that you have seen or heard this statement so many times when out there shopping or watching 1 800 tv sales. The same can be said and is also true when it comes to you.

Do you make yourself available to your employer because it is the right thing to do? Do you make yourself available to your family because it is the right thing to do? The other key question is are you making yourself available NOT because you are looking for some additional sort of gratification? And most importantly, you as the manager, the employer, the Leader…are YOU making yourself available to the TEAM because it is the right thing to do?
If you were not trustworthy. Not sincere. Not all that you are…do you think that they would be seeking you out at all?

These are all good questions and I challenge you today to reply back to me on some of them. But I close with the thought(s) that in today’s environment (no different than any other time in history except that this is “our” time) would a bit more availability on yours and my parts make a greater and better impact on that which surrounds us?

You be the Leader today and feel the satisfaction of your work.
Peace. BB




Wednesday 19 December 2012

All too often we have confrontations with those we work with, associate with and more and most importantly, those that we love. Confrontations lead to pain, anguish, confusion and eventually (or at least it should) remorse. The need to say “I’m sorry” so often that one wonders as to the sincerity of the event.
Confrontations are going to occur because there are always going to be variables that the other party does not know or have. Part of the problem with verbal communication is that it lacks in its ability to truly communicate.
I ask you today to look to the other person’s heart and to his sincerity so that any and all confrontations can be kept to a minimum and that more love and understanding can be achieved.
Peace BB.



Tuesday 18 December 2012

True Leadership no matter what level or position you hold in any group, company, organization is that of ensuring that of
Adding Value to that group, company or organization. And of course the most important component are the people that make up its structure.

What is it that YOU bring to the table? Are you that of a detractor? Remember that I started this message off by stating True Leadership. You must make every effort to add each and everyday, every moment, every second. Be that Leader today and bring forward the positive of adding and not that of using.Peace. BBhttp://johnmaxwellteam.com/add-value/


Monday 17 December 2012

“Harmony”…a sense of balance. A blending. Drawing from the strengths of all to create and make ONE result. Now one would hope that the blending of these different parts is for the positive. There is that which is and can be disharmony.

But I choose to dwell on the positive. How about you? It will take the blending of many to bring about the Change that is required.

A good leader knows that he or she is not going to do it ALL by him/herself. This is such a powerful word for times that require so much harmony more so than so much power.
Harmony, change…I am beginning to smell something.

Remember as I take a phrase from one of my church hymns….we are many parts but we are all one body.

Peace. BB


Friday 14 December 2012

Dare and Double Dare….

Well I am not going to ask you to go jump off a bridge or out of a plane or anything like that. What I am going to ask you today is to go out and do something, try something, finish something that you have never done before. Or maybe start something that you have procrastinated on for so long.
Go out there and finish starting that new book. Go out there and be that positive leader that you have had a challenge with. Go out there today and…… and…….. and..,,,
Just go out there today and do it!
Dare ya!

Peace. BB

Today's Word: DARING


Thursday 13 December 2012

Team / Team mate…Together Everyone Achieves More.

There are so many pluses to having a team. To working with your team mates. For those team mates to pull together to personify each one’s strengths and clearly to make up for any short falls or weaknesses.

But as a team lives and works together those weaknesses begin to go away and you are left with an organization of fluidity. Don’t be a team mate who tries to do it all and be it all. That is not a team and that is not about being a team mate.
Today, I ask you to make that extra effort to work with and to appreciate better those around you who are your team mates. Ya know if eventually gets lonely trying to do it and be it all yourself and your burn out it pretty much guaranteed!

Peace BB.



Monday 10 December 2012

I am not sure that there is anything on planet earth that does not need care and attention. That will run forever without some kind or form of maintenance.

Our human bodies are like this. As efficient as the human body is…it needs care and attention or it will run down. In fact, many of us, don’t take the time or the efforts to ensure that our bodies stay well until we have run them down and then the time it takes to get it back up to strength. Some of us use the excuse that we are too busy. Well as you get older it will and does take longer to get it back up to strength.

I dedicate this entry today to a dear friend who is running hard to achieve a goal but who I hope will take some time to rejuvenate soon.

In fact, that is today’s word…”Rejuvenate”.

Peace. BB



Thursday 6 December 2012

I think, yes that is a good word to use to start off today’s word(s) with. Think, remember, ponder, good times, not so good times. Today’s word(s) are grief/loss.

I am sure that many of us have had grief/loss in our lives. By the time you get to my age you probably will experience it several times.

But rather than me write from the verbal side today, I ask you to allow your “inner self” to communicate with you, your self-talk and to think and ponder on all the memories you have. I am sure that you can fill up volumes with those thoughts. Mom and Dad, you are with me every day.
Peace. BB



Wednesday 5 December 2012

Hindsight, 20/20 Vision, the ability to tell and know right from wrong, good judgement, making decisions based on your inner sense.

These are all part of being discerning. WE all have it but do we all use it? We all have it, but do we All recognize it? We all have it but do we IGNORE it?

All good questions…let me go and think on this. Then let me go ACT on it!

Peace. BB



Tuesday 4 December 2012

Space, the Final Frontier…..

I am sure that you all basically know this line from the Star Trek series. Our world gets smaller everyday. Who would have thought 20-30 years ago that I would be able to speak to people around the world all at the same time and all at the flick of a button!

But today’s word “Explore” is still just as much alive today as it was 100, 300, 1000 years ago. Why? Because not everything has been discovered yet. The Grand Overall Designer’s plan allows for that.

But to bring back to smaller simpler terms. There are so many things yet to explore in my lifetime. Places to go, books to experience. Heck, my own backyard!

What have you explored lately? Who have you explored them with? Take that special friend with you and make it an experience. The World is still big enough.
Peace. BB



Monday 3 December 2012

Today’s word should not be confused with my first name. You know the old question about what do you do in the water? You “bob” up and down.

No, today’s word is buoyant. And this is so important not only in the water but in the sea of life as well. Clearly to know that when you are in over your head it does not matter how deep the water is.

We should always go out of our way and do everything possible to ensure that we float. There will always be good times and bad times followed by good times again. But this is and will always continue to be Your Choice.

Remember that a rising tide does indeed float all boats. Why? Buoyancy!
Peace. BB



Friday 30 November 2012

DO YOU know how to do everything?

All too often people in Leadership positions are really just people in management positions with little or no training in Leadership.
Today’s word is “micro-management”. I hyphenated this word on purpose as there are other ways to begin the word management. Are you trying to lead from the bottom up, the top down or just plain smothering the situation.
Give your team the ability to do what you put them in place to do. If you want to do everything, you are just on the road to burn out….I can think of several John Maxwell books to help here, such as the 21 Laws of Leadership and the 360 Degree Leader.
Get more value out of your Team today and allow them to do what you put them in place to do and what they are darn good at doing.

Peace. BB



Thursday 29 November 2012

So are you going to sit back and wait for things to happen? Hope that good things occur? Hope that in your life the score is 1 point ahead for you when the clock runs out?

These are the norms for many, many people! They are not “proactive”

. Being proactive means to plan ahead, to guide the steps that you take on the road to your successes. You have got to go out there and cause things to happen before things happen to you.Don’t be laid back today when it comes to you. Put some action steps in place. Of course, you should have written down some goals by now.
Peace. BBhttp://johnmaxwellteam.com/proactive/


Wednesday 27 November 2012

Does always wanting it “your” way get you to where you want to go and be? The word “compromise” is by far one of the most important words in any relation and relationship. But this is not to be confused with always giving in. I did say compromise!

There will always be times that in order to go up you will need to give up something. And as one of my mentors used to say to me and summed it up in one word….that success would be achieved by creating “Relationships’ and how do we garner those relationships? Through “Compromise”.Peace. BBhttp://johnmaxwellteam.com/compromise/


Monday 26 November 2012

“Accountability”. This is a great word to start the week out with and as such a great word to end the week out with.

See, I will start out my week knowing that I have obligations to fulfill and then end the week assessing whether I fulfil

led my obligations to those I was obliged to.But accountability also has several levels…do we hold our children to be more accountable to us that we do ourselves? Do we hold our employees to be more accountable to us than we do ourselves? Do we hold everyone to be more accountable to us than we do ourselves? Or maybe, just maybe we should hold ourselves to be accountable to all of the above.Now, there’s a thought!
Peace and have a great day. BB



Friday 23 November 2012

Lost, separation, no hope, deserted. That would be a quick definition of today’s word…”abandonment”.

So many variations and stories that we could discuss on this one. The parent leaving her child behind because she could no longer care f

or him/her. In soccer/football, the phrase the game was abandoned. Military troops knowing that there will NEVER be a circumstance where due to situations where they will be left behind. That someone will come back to get them. That one has been in the news.Let us turn this word around and make it a positive. That you were not meant to be left behind. That we have a creator, our Grand Overall Designer who from the moment of creation noted that we would never be left behind. That His Blessings would be there for eternity.So which is it? What is your preference? That of abandonment or that of Never being left behind?
Peace. BB.http://johnmaxwellteam.com/abandonment/


Thursday 22 November 2012

“Thanksgiving”. A Special Day. A Happy Day. A Sorrowful Day. A Memorable Day…..

I sit here this morning, my 58th Thanksgiving and am doing more remembering than anything else. I wonder and ponder just how many in today’s generation know the true history and tradition of how and why today’s holiday came about and why it continues.

This the most important holiday of the American calendar. Now don’t get me wrong on this. From religious standpoint and my faith Christmas and Easter really are. But there is something special about today. Is it the Macy’s Parade in NY? Is it the NFL Football traditional games? Go NY Jets! Is it the “oh my gosh, I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”?

Or better still, is it remembering those loved ones who are gone and those loved ones about to be born? Is it knowing that you can’t be with your family today because of them living away but with today’s technology they will be right there with you on the big screen? Thank you Apple. Is it not being able to be with those you love?

I could go on and on because today is just that sort of Special Day even though everyday is a day of Thanksgiving.

So do me a favor today. Actually take some time to stop, pause and reflect and give THANKS for the fact that you are able to stop, pause and reflect that you CAN and are here and able to GIVE THANKS. God Bless. Peace. BB



What is your definition of “Success”?

Is it material wealth? Is it having all the money you need or want? By the way, how much money do you need or want? Is it being able to go to bed at night knowing that everything is taken care of or that all you set out to do was accomplished or is being accomplished.

On the other hand, how do you know that you are not being successful? I would tend to think that each person’s level of success will be different at different times. Think of Law #1 of the 21 Laws (Law of the Lid). Each time you raise the level of your Lid you have raised the level of YOUR Success.

Surely, you don’t start out something knowing that you will be UN-successful! Do you?

Peace. BB



How are you “prospering” today?

Are you looking to be abundant in that prosperity? Do you realize that Prospering and be very prosperous is NOT just about money? While money is a good tool to help you it is NOT a requirement to be prosper

ous in so many areas of your life.Your relationships with people and especially with the person you love that soul mate and completer of your time, talents and treasures given to you on this planet are part of you prospering and being prosperous.And last but certainly not least, your health and well being and the love of your family are ALL part of both the prosperity you have and that with which you share with others. Go out and work on your prosperity TODAY!
Peace. BBhttp://johnmaxwellteam.com/prosper/


Monday 19 November 2012

Today’s word is “abundance”. Having a great deal of, having enough of, having more than enough of…”

Now we can talk about having more than enough of, such as rain water to drink, wash and grow crops with. We can talk about having more than enough of money. We can talk about having more than enough of a whole lot of things. Even having more than enough of the Blessings which come to us from the Grand Overall Designer (God) BUT….BUT!

Do we hold onto those abundances in every situation and horde them to ourselves? Or do we share. Do we give some away and be a blessing to others? I am not talking Socialism nor Communism here. I am talking about being the Abundant Source of Blessings to others.

Remember, to whom much is given, much is expected! You decide.
Your thoughts and comments welcome. Peace. BB




Friday 16 November 2012

I sit here this morning pondering how I am going to describe today’s word “downsizing”. Of course, this is a word that we have heard so many times and so many ways over the last few years. We have also heard it called “right sizing” and even “outsourcing”. Needless to say, we also use and refer to this word on an annual or semi-annual basis when we think we have gotten too big physically.

As I approach the autumn of my years, it would only seem logical to pull back and to downsize. Yes, to clean out the closet or to slow down a bit is fine but as I understand the science and the history I have learned….I am just slowing down (downsizing) so that I can speed up. There are many things yet to be down on my list and miles to go before I sleep.

Are you going to let a little downsizing finish you off or are you going to use it so that you can grow once again and be that butterfly that comes out of that cocoon? How about the Eagle that grew his wings on the way down.
Let me know what you think. Peace BB



Thursday 15 November 2012

“Contentment” Do you know who you are or where are you going? Are you still hungering for more or has your appetite waned? Is it a case of you wanting more? These are all good questions.
We were put on this planet for a multitude of reasons but one of the most important of these was to be all that we could be (can be if you are still breathing). Your contentment clearly determines and influences “YOUR Journey”. Have you done everything in your life to date and are “content” to now sit idly by and let the world zoom past you.

I for one am not content and thus am still seeking out new worlds and trying to go where no man has gone before (you know where that line came from) but the point is that you will also realize that striving for of contentment can and will cause you to potentially leave some people behind you or for some to leave you behind. It’s your journey. It’s your contentment!
Peace BB.



Tuesday 6 November 2012

The Word “How” is an important word. It depicts that of wanting to know what the steps of a task are so that it can be accomplished. In the positive, you would say “how do” but in the negative you would say “how could”. The positive how leads you to think and create new lists of accomplishments as you ponder the reason why.

Now while my thoughts may sound like I spoke in a circle today….think on 2 of the Laws of Personal Growth…”the Law of the Mirror” and that of “the Law of Reflection”. You will clearly ask yourself some questions that include your whys which will lead you to your hows. And off you go on the road to achievement and accomplishment.
Peace. BBhttp://johnmaxwellteam.com/how/


Friday 2 November 2012

“Communicator”…or as the saying goes…”I can’t hear what you are saying as your actions speak so loud”!

Communication is so important as is the apparent lack of it that takes place too. But realizing that the spoken word only makes up 7-9% of our communication, we must ensure that we are able to get our message across. Do your mannerisms betray you? Are people able to read your eyes and your heart? I always think back to something my father told me as I grew up…It was not the leaders of the 2 countries that did not understand each other and cause conflict, is was that of their translators. And if you speak English as do I…man oh man the number of different ways to take the words.

So remember to use your whole self and be the communicator!

Peace. BB



Thursday 1 November 2012

Health…want a specific and yet broad word to discuss today, especially when it comes to Leadership. So many health Plans out there bombarding us. So many medication (Drugs) commercials saying that in order for us to be healthy we need to

take them. But when it all boils down to it, without your health you are really not in any shape to be let alone show leadership! Don’t get me wrong, some things wear out and fortunately can be replaced. We lead by example. Health is not an option and if you are to truly be what you were put here for, you will need your health. There is only one YOU and YOU were put here for a reason. Can you be replaced? Then for God’s sake, stay Healthy!Peace. BBhttp://johnmaxwellteam.com/health/


Wednesday 31 October 2012

Ethics. Ethical. Unethical. And don’t forget the word “Ethos” here when describing “Ethics”. This is a powerful word. It clearly describes and dictates to us and how others will see and perceive us as we move forward, or backward. It will show our moral values or lack thereof. And yes, there may be times whereby we slip up a bit and appear to be totally unethical. It takes work to remain ethical and even more to regain the respect of others when we lose our ethics. What are your thoughts regarding ethics?
Peace. BB



Thursday 25 October 2012

Stress, timing and self-control…

Today’s word is “stress”. There is good stress and bad stress. Manufacturers have tested things to their stress points so as to make better products. Imagine that airplane that was not stressed out to see just how much it could take before falling apart? Well in life, our daily life, we go through stress to see just how much we can take.

Part of the problem though is that all too often we go right past the stress point and stay out in the fatigue zone too long. The result…we break. Parts of us break. Our soul breaks. Our heart breaks. We need to instill timing and more self control. Exercise is not just a function of going to the gym but I do go…do you? Exercise is part of your daily routine to know when we are getting to that stress point.

Will it ever be the right time? Probably not. I and some of my colleagues have learned to ask just two things…is it “urgent” or is it “important”? Once we have determined this and scheduled our daily routine the stressors in life decrease.

I could go on talking on this but I would rather hear from you. How does stress, timing and self-control affect and effect you and what are you doing about it?
Peace. BB



Wednesday 24 October 2012

Frank, sincere, truthful. Free from deceit or fraud. Fair. These are all words that describe today’s word….Honesty. And there is always a fine line that separates Honesty from everything else. Honesty goes hand in hand with integrity. I t

hink we have all been guilty of telling little stories that stretched the truth. Clearly if you raised children you know what I mean. But you know what….Honesty is something that must be practiced each and everyday and often be it in Business, in Politics and in Us.
Peace. BBPs…I am including the song Honesty by Billy Joel. Enjoy the music and see how, if at all, any of the lyrics apply.http://johnmaxwellteam.com/honesty-2/


Tuesday 23 October 2012

There are so many variations to the word “submission” but one thing is certain…that the word requires an action. You are either yielding to that of a stronger entity or that you are providing information of some type. The word submission

is very strong. In fact, if not handled correctly, it can be quite scary.
Are you not strong enough at work or other that you are always submitting to those around you? Are you afraid to put your thoughts forward for fear of being ridiculed? Don’t get me wrong, there are times when we must submit for the benefit of all or for the common good. It is one thing to submit for this but it is another to just be plain stubborn all the time.
I am not looking to advertise on this today but you should seriously consider looking into studying the 21 Laws of Leadership and /or the 17 Laws of Teamwork and/or the 15 Laws of Personal Growth. Why not submit your name to me today and let’s talk about it.
Peace. BBhttp://johnmaxwellteam.com/submission/


Monday 22 October 2012

Is what you are offering today the “Complete Package” or are YOU Optional

Today we chat about the “complete package”. First of all the key word here is “complete”. All to often we come upon items or situations where we still have to add things. I wonder what it would be like if we went out to buy a car and the salesman says that the tires are extra. Or I am buying a house and the doors and windows are options…. It is so important in this day and age to know that when you opt to do something that you are getting a complete package and that everything is included in the deal. When you set out to do something for someone or offer them a service…are you the “complete package” or are you optional?

Thoughts? Comments?
Peace BB


Friday 19 October 2012

Alliances have been many down through time. Are you using its positive power to realize your goals?

“One of us is not as smart as all of us”. Alliances have been formed throughout the centuries for multitudes of reasons be they to overcome a common enemy or to overcome a common obstacle etc. In today’s concept, alliances are formed to enhance a team so as to help bring about the successful accomplishment of goals and dreams. Sometimes we call them mergers. Alone we cannot muster the energy and resources of what we CAN DO together.
Peace. BB



Wednesday 17 October 2012

Teamwork makes the Dream Work! (Lose the “What’s in it for me?” and win one for the Gipper!)

We spoke yesterday on collaboration. That of putting people together to work on and address tasks and goals. The logical continuation is Teamwork. The working together and pulling together (same direction). There will always be stars out there who will shine but that is the problem…are they part of the team or is the team to be part of them? One only has to watch/follow sports teams especially at play off time. The Stars are all trying to shine but that shine seems to dull and how much does it cost the team in the realization of the end result? Today, I ask you to look to do something that is Team oriented where you are today and less “me” oriented.
Peace. BB


Tuesday 16 October 2012

Are you building and part of a team or are you trying to play all the positions?

Collaboration…I think of the 3 Musketeers “One for all and all for one”! The whole purpose of collaboration is to bring the best of the best together so as to get the best out of a situation. Collaboration is to share talents and give of your talents for the benefit of the team. Alone, you may get the task or job done but together….just watch out what you can and will get done and accomplish. The world awaits!
Peace. BB



Monday 15 October 2012

Today we speak about “voice”. John will share the value and power of your voice.
I ask you today to determine not just your speaking voice but the voice that you have to speak out with. It is one thing to be a voice in the crowd but it is a far different thing to be a voice that stands out from the crowd.
We are going through many things out there in today’s world. Is your voice the voice of wanting entitlement or is your voice one that stands out in Leadership? Sometimes you can get your message across with a soft voice and other times you must be a bit more excited. How will YOU use your voice today?
Peace. BB



Thursday 11 October 2012

Intentionality…to get where you want to go you must go where you want to get. Success is not an accident. It takes planning and fortitude. We have spent the last couple of days referring to seeking order from chaos, planning, having a daily routine. These must all be done with intention. All of this and more adds up to your need to increase your personal development as you arrive and pass through the destinations of YOUR journey. How long are you going to wait? Don’t allow the Law of Diminishing intent to conquer your path to success. Peace. BB


Wednesday 10 October 2012

I know because I have done and sometimes I still do. It takes discipline and will power and quite frankly as simple as it is it is also hard. The secret of YOUR success is based on your daily routine. Your daily agenda. Yesterday, we spoke

on your plan. Your plan and your daily agenda are like a pair of gloves. Today matters. Today counts. Are you working today to make today a success? If you want tomorrow to be a success than you really had better get started today.
Peace. BBhttp://johnmaxwellteam.com/daily/

Tuesday 9 October 2012

When thinking about today’s word, I always hear in the back of my mind a line from the classic cartoon movie “An American Tale” where the mice are concerned about the cats.

That line is “A plan, we gotta have a plan!”. Well that about sum

s up everything we either do or not do. Having a plan does not mean we are always successful and not having one does not always mean failure. BUT…house built with a Plan…better than just winging it. Plane built without a plan…hmm…hope they did not leave something out. Game played without goal posts…hmm…what’s the point?Those who fail to plan must usually be planning to fail. Take some time today and plan out your day, plan out your week, plan out your quarter, plan out your year! Don’t wander aimlessly through life.That clearly was not the Creator’s Plan. Peace. BB


Monday 8 October 2012

I have always respected the word “Chaos” which is not to be confused with the acronym “Kaos” from a TV comedy I watched many years ago. Chaos is used to describe a lack of order, confusion to the nth degree, a sense of trying to herd a bunch of cats. But if you really understand the word and go back to its origins…In ancient China, chaos was part of the dynastic order of events. Order would eventually give way to chaos which would once again give way to order. There was almost a harmony as to how things and events would pan out. So to make a long story short…know and understand that because you have a choice(s) as to how and what you do…chaos will always give way to order so plan and grow from it. Peace. BB



Friday 5 October 2012

Today’s Word is “uplifting”. Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height. Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon? Way up in the sky in my beautiful balloon. I want to fly like an eagle. These were key and classic lines from some very uplifting songs from back in the day. I am sure that many of you remember them and can hear them being sung. In fact, I will bet that some of you will be singing these in your head throughout the day today.

Uplifting. To lift up not to bring down. To be positive. Not to be a whiner etc. There is a good reason why Misery loves company. Who wants to hang around someone that pulls us down? And yet, we often tend to do just that. Well how about today, we rid ourselves of that “whoa is me” attitude and go out and be a positive light for at least one person today. Your uplifting attitude with them may be the life ring that helps them survive today. And remember that it’s contagious. Peace. BB



Whenever I hear today’s word, the first thing I think back to is a movie from the 80’s…Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. A very corny movie to say the least but throughout the movie it focused on getting a very serious and important point across. And that point was “Excellence”! “Excellent”, “Most Excellent”, “Be Excellent” phrases ran rampant all during the film.

I guess the point I am trying to come to here today is that if you are going to do something, that you should always make an effort to be the best that you can be at it. Striving for perfection is far better than not striving at all. Edison did not settle for less than excellent with creating the light bulb. The Wright Bros. thank goodness did not settle for less than excellent in an apparatus that so many of us travel by today…think you get the point here.
If you have not already done so…write down your goals and tasks for today and pick something that you will work towards “excellence” to achieve. Peace. BBComments / Feedback. What have you recently done with excellence?

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