Is that ALL?!

So I understand that we are in a recession. Seems that the recession knows no geographical boundaries. Some businesses are in stress. I wonder however, just how much training the HR Depts or the owner (smaller businesses) are actually putting into their staff. I wonder just how many of those staff actually realize that they need to go that one extra step when in comes to customer service. What am I referring too…..? Well, I cannot stress the amount of times that I have gone to check out lately and the cashier (if I get greeted by them) will say….”Is that all”? What ever happened to, “Did you find everything you were looking for”? or “Can I get you anything else”? or “How was your experience with us today”?……  I think you get the point on this. I actually once asked one of the cashiers “Why, did I not spend enough here today”? It is that little extra bit of service and friendliness that would want to make me come back and spend more of my money there. So let me conclude with my own statement of fact….”how may I serve YOU today”?