Your Competence will pave the road of your potential ahead of you.

Your Competence will pave the road of your potential ahead of you.
(Passion / Purpose / Consistency)
You were clearly born for a purpose. Now this may seem like a very profound statement and depending upon where you are in your timeline of life,  be questionable. But the answer, the true answer is that you were indeed born for a purpose.
Competence goes beyond words. As John Maxwell has stated “It’s the leader’s ability to say it, plan it, and do it in such a way that others know that you know how and know that they want to follow you”.  While we would clearly like to think that we are going to be good in everything that we set our minds on, it would seem obvious that you are talented and gifted to do specific things well. But that is not to say that you cannot become competent in many things while you work to become that master of what you will excel at.
But let me pause here for a moment for it is necessary to take into account that there lies a degree of passion that must be introduced into your journey on the road to your discovery of what you will excel at. Your passion will determine and control your consistency on this road. Thomas Edison did not fail thousands of times creating his inventions. He excelled in his passion for finding what did not work to determine what would work. The Wright Brothers put their competence behind their passion and successfully flew at Kitty Hawk. It is the recognition by others of your abilities that will clearly allow your competence to speak for itself.
Now this journey to Excellence in Competence requires some steps along the way:
1. Show up everyday – There are no free rides. Responsible people do indeed show up but competent people go that extra step by being ready to play each and every day no matter how they feel and they always get out from under the circumstances.
2. Keep Improving – It is so easy to just “let it ride” once you have achieved a level of competence. But the real leader will continue to learn, grow and improve. There is no resting on your laurels.
3. Follow Thru with Excellence – Performing at a high degree of excellence is ALWAYS a choice. Your Choice! I think back to the movie “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” when the classic line was “Be Excellent, Dude”. Leaders always want the ball when the game is on the line. You must work towards that excellence and be ready to take the ball and run with it.
4. Accomplish More than Expected – Always go the extra distance. It is here that you need to work your Passion and Purpose with Consistency.
5. Inspire Others – Whether you like it or not, you need to rub off on others. Inspire and motivate while using your competencies to ensure that excellence will shine forth in not just you but those around you.
Let me close with a couple of statements…
1. Keep your head in the game.  If you have found your Passion and purpose waning…reengage and rededicate yourself. If you have found that you have lost your edge, then identify what is holding you back and challenge yourself to excel.
2. Redefine the standards. Are you shooting too low? Do you find yourself cutting corners? Time to aim higher and demand more from yourself before you can demand more from others.
3. Find 3 ways to improve. Find some ways that you can put into use that will help you improve your skills and competencies and dedicate and find time to do it.
Your comments are always welcome. My call to action for you today is to determine what your purpose and competencies are and where you stand it fulfilling them. What steps will you put into place that will bring you back on track?
Peace. BB

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