Do you understand the value of Servant Leadership or are you afraid of it?

Do you understand the value of Servant Leadership or are you afraid of it?

It has become my daily habit to pick up my copy of the Maxwell Leadership Bible (as noted previously, John has gone thru and broken it down from a Leader / Leadership perspective) and randomly without looking pick a spot to open up to.

Upon opening up today, I came across a section on David in I Samuel 30 17-20 that talks on what is probably my most favorite topic and subject. That on Servanthood or Servant Leadership.

Servant Leadership can be so misunderstood at times and yet when the full aspect and impact of what servant leadership stands for is encountered it can be so fulfilling. What do I mean by this? Well to some, Servant Leadership by its very name can give the impression that it is about be a slave to someone. To some people, I have noted that Servant Leadership can be insulting but it is alright for the other person to serve you. Servant Leadership should be mutual to all parties.

David’s leadership was first and foremost about serving his team and not about his own fame or that of his conquests. It was about relationships and partnerships. After a particular battle, a great deal of plunder was acquired. It appears that prior to this battle a number of his soldiers were worn out from previous campaigns and were left in the rear to deal with bringing up supplies etc. What would have been obvious and is more the norm in today’s world, would be for the soldiers who actually fought the battle to say that the plunder belonged to just them. But because of David’s leadership and the principles of servant leadership, he was able to clearly show all involved that ALL members of the team deserved to share in the spoils as well as the joy of the victories.

So let me sum this up in a few steps but before I do let me say that be it politics, elections, or the running of companies, Servant Leadership can and will bring about many successes and feelings of satisfaction in a Job Well Done and relationships that will last.

David’s Servant Leadership

  1. helped others see the contribution of everyone’s gift (everyone brings value to the total Team event.
  2. Allowing everyone to celebrate the victory and share in its spoils clearly showed the true Big Picture that it is not just about one person.
  3. The promotion of the goodwill of Servant Leadership is contagious and becomes a win-win for all.
  4. When a leader serves today, it pays big dividends tomorrow in future relationships
  5. Servant Leadership if properly developed can be totally instrumental and mutually beneficial on a nationwide basis.


Peace. BB

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