God Can Use Even a Reluctant Leader Johah 3: 1-3

God Can Use Even a Reluctant Leader Johah 3: 1-3

I was watching Joel Osteen last night and he was speaking of the story of Jonah. Thought I would re-post this…and ask you, are you ready for a “do over”?

Water tends to seek its own level and most of us usually prefer to choose the path of Least Resistance. It is because of this that we tend to be reluctant when it comes to running the gauntlet .

Such was true when God called upon Jonah to take up the call and seek to cause Nineveh to repent of their sins. This was not to be an easy task but God was looking to form a divine partnership that would allow God to work thru Jonah and show His Strength and compassion. There are many times in live that we too tend to ignore our inner voice and run not walk from that task. And it is in that running that we tend to stumble and fall. This was to happen clearly to Jonah. He was given a choice: Help God in His Glory or end up in the Big Fish. I think you can imagine that the Fish was not the most pleasant of options. Eventually, Jonah came to his senses and went about God’s task of helping to bring repentance of sins in Nineveh. And as a result, God was compelled to spare Nineveh from destruction.

We as Leaders may not always understand why God wants them to do certain things but we should and must realize that it is not through our understanding but more to the obedience of His instructions. One can only think as to what the results may have been in the annals of history had Jonah not come to his senses and followed God’s plans. One can only imagine in our daily lives what the outcomes could and would be if we would give up our reluctance and follow that of our inner voice.

Thank God, that most of the time He gives us a 2nd Chance to get it right. Kind of like a “do over”. My call to action for you is to think of those times you have been reluctant and ask you to decide moving forward….God’s Plan or the Big Fish!

Peace. BB