I was so much older then, I’m younger than that NOW!

I want to start off by thanking the Rock Group, the Byrds (I am dating myself back to the 60’s-70’s) for writing a song with the above title in the lyrics. I am sure that you can all relate with me back to the days when YOU were younger and your parents were busy trying to raise you and “tell you” what was best etc. I am sure that back in the day you remember basically saying to your parents that you were “grown up” and did not need to be “told” what to do. Further, back in the day, you were ready to go out and conquer the world! Well guess what? That was and is perfectly normal! As I think back now (I am older now), do you think that doing some of the things we did would have been done by us if we had used the benefit of our age? Heck, I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane on many an occasion. Even broke my leg once from it but because I was older then, I just got right back on the plane as soon as my leg mended and jumped again and again! Well, I am much older now (would still jump from a plane if I got the chance) and look back on my life. Wow, been quite a ride so far but I have to tell you….I feel so much younger now that I am older. Doing more to take care of myself and trying to make everyday count. Am I (you) hiding from things that we should be doing because we are older/wiser? I hope not. I hope that now you are older you are behaving younger and making sure that you get out of this world ALL that has been put before us to learn, do and enjoy. If you are in fact one of the younger ones reading this…don’t wait till you get older to decide to enjoy YOUR LIFE!

I look forward to your comments and thoughts to this post. Think I will go listen to the song again. Have a GREAT Day!